oil furnace service

Your oil furnace doesn’t just play a big part in ensuring your day to day comfort and convenience, it also accounts for close to half of your monthly energy expenditure. Needless to say, a furnace that’s well looked after will keep both the warmth within your home and the figure on your energy bill from fluctuating. Here are 5 tips that will help you keep your oil furnace at its efficient and glitch-free best, throughout the year.


Tip #1 Do checks for unusual sights and sounds

The biggest of problems usually start off as a sign. Keep an eye for signs that say ‘This shouldn’t be happening here’ or ‘This doesn’t seem right’. A good example of a sign that screams ‘All is not Well!’ is the appearance of black soot outside your furnace or the flow of black smoke from your chimney. The routine sound of your furnace too is a reliable barometer of its condition. Look out for vibrations, rattles or any other unusual sound that strikes you as odd. And when you do hear something, call up a certified oil furnace service company or oil burner service contractor without delay.


Tip #2 Clean your furnace and its surrounding area

Over time, your furnace could develop obstructions that could impede the passage of heat into your home. There could also be a build up of debris and dust in the burners which could impact your furnace’s burning efficiency. Routine cleaning of your furnace boiler and ducts will enable your furnace to do its job of heating your home with the highest possible efficiency. Keeping the area around your furnace free of elements like boxes, newspapers etc. on the other hand, will free your furnace to provide an unobstructed air flow. If you want a thorough cleanup of your furnace, calling up an oil burner service or oil furnace service company would be a good idea.


Tip #3 Change the air filter

An air filter that’s clogged with contaminants will impede the flow of air both within your home and HVAC system. This could result in a number of issues. Like the heat exchanger warming beyond the normal level and deactivating, the circulation fan consuming more energy to function, the formation of ‘cold spots’ within internal spaces and the pollution of indoor air with dust and debris. Cleaning the air filter at least twice a year by engaging a reputed and reliable oil furnace service or oil burner service contractor will keep your furnace running without these problems.


Tip #4 Replace the oil filter

Oil filters perform the function of removing water, debris and sludge from the fuel before it reaches the fuel pump and exits a nozzle where it gets ignited. A clogged fuel filter will not only allow ‘impure’ fuel to pass through but it will also limit the amount of fuel that actually reaches the fuel pump. As a result, the furnace will not turn on as quickly as you want it to. It will also cycle off frequently and release smoke from your chimney that’s darker in color. Replacing clogged fuel filters will prevent build-ups from affecting the performance and longevity of your furnace.


Tip #5 Get a professional clean-up

There are things that you could do and then there are things that are best left to the experts. Schedule a professional-grade cleaning of your furnace by qualified oil furnace service professionals at least once a year. A complete inspection of your furnace will help you detect and resolve the smallest of issues, before they develop into serious problems.


How long your furnace continues to serve your home and how well it manages to do so, will depend on the care and attention you give it. With regular maintenance – by yourself and by professionals, you’ll be able to get the most out of your furnace. If you’re looking for experts with qualified experience in oil furnace service and who undertake oil boiler service contracts, get in touch with us at Boyle Energy. We have a highly skilled team that looks into boiler installation, repair and maintenance needs in the Havertown, PA area and we would love to help you any way we can.