Boyle Energy is a full service HVAC company located in Havertown Pa that can maintain and repair your air conditioner, water heater, and heating equipment. Boyle Energy also offers Service Plans, which are plans that ensure if something happens to your systems, Boyle Energy will be there to fix it.

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Boyle Energy delivers oil right to your home when you need it. An oil plan with Boyle Energy allows you to choose how you receive your oil. You can choose to call us for your delivery, or have it delivered to you automatically when your tank gets low. Call Boyle Energy for speedy oil delivery in Havertown, Newtown Square Pa and surrounding areas

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Boyle Energy is proud to announce propane delivery! Propane is a clean-burning, high-energy alternative fuel that’s been used for decades, and serves as a great environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional gas and oil. If you have a propane system, Boyle Energy has you covered with propane delivery service to Havertown, Newtown Square Pa and all surrounding areas

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  • Pat & Joe at Boyle Energy

Our Mission

Boyle Energy is a family business that believes in upholding the standards of total honesty. We have made a pledge to identify what is in the customers best interest when it comes to their home heating and cooling systems and encourage them to take action based on their own conviction

Our History

Serving Havertown and the surrounding suburbs Boyle Energy is a family business which prides itself on catering to the customer’s interest above all others. We stand tall enough to serve virtually all of your residential and commercial heating needs. We have been serving the area since 1937 with honesty and dependability, making your comfort our top priority.

Boyle Energy has been based in Havertown serving Havertown, Newtown Square, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas since 1937. Boyle Energy is a family business which prides itself on catering to the customer’s interest above all others.

Patrick Boyle’s Why

Most people know what we do and where we serve: HVAC Company in Philadelphia and Havertown, PA, Oil Delivery Companies in PA, and Propane Delivery Service in PA.

Many people know how we do it: Great employees, a commitment to continuing education, and honest, hard work.

But not many people know why we do it (or at least why I do). Here is my story.

In the summer of 1993, I was heading into my sophomore year of high school. As I had since the sixth grade, I was working at Boyle Energy with my grandfather and father, just helping out around the shop, cleaning, and acting as a gofer for the technicians. I loved spending time in the family business, but I had no idea how special that business was, and how different it was from other heating and air conditioning companies. That summer truly opened my eyes, and one service call, in particular, has stayed with me for nearly 25 years and contributed to my joining the company full-time after college.

One hot day, I was on a service call with Bob Reeves, a wonderful technician who worked for Boyle Energy for 35 years – if you have been a customer for any length of time, you probably know what a great guy Bob is. We were finishing up our call and the lady who owned the house asked Bob how “old Joe Boyle” was doing. Bob answered, and then introduced me as Joe’s grandson. The lady then looked me right in the eyes and said, “I’ll never forget the winter my husband lost his job and your grandfather said we didn’t have to pay for the oil to heat our house until we had the money for it. I love your grandfather.”

I was so proud that my grandfather had done such a wonderful thing for a family that had fallen on hard times. What she said next, however, blew me away: “And I still have never met the man.” I wasn’t expecting to hear that. How amazing, I thought, that a person could have such a lasting and positive effect on someone he’d never even met. My grandfather was a man who did just that, and he built the kind of company I want to work for, filled it with people I want to work with, and showed me the kind of person I want to be.

That’s why I work here.

Best Regards,

Pat Boyle

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