Propane tank inspection

Propane tank inspection is a common need across America, considering the millions of homes that use this fuel as their energy source. The number one reason being the strict federal laws that have been constituted purely for the safety and well-being of every home that relies on propane gas to fulfill its requirements, either in part or full. Read through this blog to know the when, what and how of propane inspections.

 When do you need a propane tank inspection?

 A propane tank inspection is considered necessary by federal law in any of the following circumstances:


*When you install propane equipment

*When you use a new propane service

*When you change your residence

*When you run out of fuel

*When you suspect a leak

*When your propane service gets suspended


The steps in a professionally conducted Propane Tank Inspection

1. Checking of Safety controls

Your propane tank has three safety features that are built-in to ensure safe and optimal utilization of your propane. These are the service valve – to be used to shut off the gas in an emergency, the regulator – to control propane flow from the tank to your appliances and the safety relief valve – to release excess pressure and protect the tank.  Propane professionals will check these safety features for any irregularities that can cause potential problems.

2. Testing of Fuel line

A qualified propane technician will conduct a pressure test to check your entire propane home heating system including the fuel lines and appliances for leaks. The procedure involves the addition of compressed air and observation for changes in pressure across periodic intervals over a 24 hour period.

3. Overall Propane system check

Hire professional propane inspection services and you can count on the technicians to scrutinize every visible part and surface of your propane system for signs like loose fittings, wear and tear, rust or any other damage. An overall check is an essential step in ensuring propane tank safety and getting your tank ready for a fill-up.

4. Report with findings and recommendations

Propane businesses with a professional outlook will provide you with a complete report that clearly mentions their findings in every inspection and also suggests recommended measures to maintain the efficiency and performance of your system.

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