Professional Tank installation and propane gas delivery

If you’re thinking of making propane your home’s primary fuel this coming winter, it’s a decision that will bring you comfort and savings all year-round. However, you need to be careful when taking the initial steps towards switching to propane – installing a propane tank and fixing up your propane delivery. If you think getting a propane installation done by yourself or by any random technician will get your home propane-ready, here are 4 reasons why you should only be engaging professionals for the job.

Help in choosing the right tank

Propane tanks come in a range of capacities, to suit homes and families of every size. From a compact 20 gallons, propane tanks can go on to sizes that can comfortably hold up to 1000 gallons of propane. Propane gas delivery professionals can help you choose the right capacity based on the size of your home and the extent of your usage. Investing in the right-sized tank will not only save you money but will also ensure better energy efficiency and more peace of mind all year round.

Assurance of proper installation

Any equipment that is connected with the usage of a gas, needs to be installed with utmost precision. When it comes to propane tanks, incorrect installations could lead to issues like leaks involving water, fuel and even carbon monoxide – which could turn out to be a serious health hazard for yourself and your family. Professionals offering propane for home heating will install your tank in adherence to the requisite installation procedures and guidelines set by the industry.


Protection from liability

Propane tank installation comes with its risks; no matter how carefully supervised the installation may be, there’s always a chance of damage to the equipment and/or your property. If you choose a propane gas delivery company that is not only licensed and certified but also fully insured, you will not be liable to pick up the tab in the event of an unforeseen accident.


Your tank will never run empty

Propane will be your home’s primary source of energy for cooking, heating, washing and other utilitarian chores, and you certainly won’t want your home running out of it (especially in winter). You can rely on professional propane tank Philadelphia companies to offer you services like automatic and will-call deliveries, that will relieve you from  the responsibility of checking your tank levels. Moreover, you’ll also be saved from the damage that can result from your tank going dry.


Hiring a professional propane services company will ensure you get your propane tank installed and propane gas delivered without any accident, harm, delay or inconvenience. We’re Boyle Energy – a 1937 established family run business that has made over 1 million oil stops and 500,000 service calls to homes in and around Philadelphia. Call us at 610 595 4717 or 215 709 9196 or contact us and our expert technicians will introduce you to the Boyle way of installations, deliveries and tune-ups.