HVAC maintenance

With winter on the anvil, the one thing your home needs to have in top condition is your HVAC system. If this system does its job without glitches, you’ll get through the coldest part of the year without feeling the chill. This is where seasonal maintenance comes in. An HVAC system, like any mechanical or electro-mechanical system tends to suffer wear-and-tear as well as other problems resulting from constant, daily use. Seasonal maintenance will enable you to root out these problems well before the next season rolls in and brings along a significant change of weather. Here are 5 ways you stand to gain from seasonal maintenance of your heating and cooling system.


 Keep your HVAC performing efficiently

Imagine seeing a spike in  your energy bill when you haven’t added any new appliances or made any changes in your energy usage. The culprit in all probability, will be an inefficiently performing heating system. Failing or worn-out parts and clogged filters could be part of the reasons why your heating system may end up using more energy than usual to do the same job. Seasonal maintenance through a reliable HVAC company in Philadelphia will help you keep your system performing efficiently without drops in heating or spikes in energy costs.


 See your HVAC system last longer

Timely maintenance, restoration and care can make every equipment last longer than the most optimistic industry predictions. Some experts believe an average HVAC system is likely to last up to15 years without routine maintenance. But with proper HVAC maintenance, the same system can be expected to last an extra 10 years. That’s an extra window of 10 years before you even have to think about replacing your heating system.


 Keep the air clean and pure within

There is precious little that you can do to protect your family and yourself from the ill effects of pollution outside your home. But within your home, you can control the purity of the air you breathe by doing one simple thing. Changing your air filters at the start or end of every season. Seasonal HVAC maintenance service addresses these seemingly small but vital details, which can easily get overlooked and end up being detrimental to your family’s comfort and wellness.


Save hundreds of dollars on repairs 

Sometimes all it takes for you to avoid a financial liability the size of a holiday trip is an expense the size of a restaurant meal. That’s right, paying for a reasonably priced HVAC maintenance service at the start of a new season can help you rectify issues before they develop into serious problems that will cost big bucks to straighten out. Seasonal maintenance through any reputed HVAC company in Philadelphia will also save you from the likelihood of frequent repair expenses, which can easily be the case with unmaintained HVAC systems that age beyond a point.


Ensure your family’s comfort throughout winter

A common problem home owners experience with their heating systems during winters is the formation of ‘cold zones’. Imagine feeling comfortably warm in certain parts of your home and oddly cold as you move through other spaces. Proper seasonal maintenance will keep every part of your HVAC system, right from the furnace to vents to filters and ducts at its efficient best. Which in turn, will ensure an even and uninterrupted flow of heated air through your home all winter. And all it takes for you to experience this uninterrupted comfort is type HVAC tune-up near mein your phone or computer browser.


Winters can be a great time to bond with your family and friends and discover the happiness of staying indoors. A home with an efficiently functioning HVAC system will play a key role in making your winter season a memorable holiday experience. If you’re looking for a local expert to schedule a professional-grade maintenance service for your HVAC system, you can always reach out to us at Boyle Energy. We’re a reputed and trusted family business that has been serving communities in and around Havertown, PA with high-quality HVAC and other services since 1937. Call us at 610 595 4717 or 215 709 9196 to get in touch with expert HVAC technicians who’re available 24 hours a day to help you in the best way possible.