How to prepare for your Propane tank installation

If you’ve decided to switch to propane for your home heating and energy needs, you’re certainly taking one of life’s wisest decisions. It’s a decision that will ensure you and your family decades of comfort and convenience along with valuable savings as well. However, when it comes to installation of a propane tank there are certain factors you need to keep in mind. As one of the most reliable companies for propane tank delivery Philadelphia and propane gas delivery, you can count on us at Boyle Energy to guide you to an efficient installation experience. Here’s a blog with 7 tips to follow when you’re scheduling a propane tank installation.

Tip#1 Double check the tank size

 A propane tank, when chosen right, will not only contribute to easing the way you go about household chores, it will also reduce your burden of energy expenses. Your first step therefore, is to fully ensure that you’re bringing in a tank that’s right for your home. Check the number of appliances that you’ll be hooking up to the propane supply. This will help you reconfirm the size of your propane tank.

 Tip#2 Identify the spot for installation

 Propane is a flammable gas and this requires you to pick the safest possible place on your property to install your new propane tank. If you’re new to it, following standard safety rules will keep you in good stead. For instance, a residential propane tank needs to be installed at least 10 feet away from any ignition source, structure or property line.

Tip#3 Prep the surrounding area for installation

 Make sure the path to your home is smooth for the professionals in charge of your propane tank installation. Clear away debris, obstacles or any other elements that will come in the way while the propane tank is being shifted from the transportation vehicle to the spot on your property that’s marked for its installation. You certainly don’t want any accidental stumbles or trips that will not only risk structural damage to your brand new propane tank but also endanger the safety of the professionals involved.

 Tip#4 Get your appliances propane-ready

 You already know which of your household appliances you want hooked to the propane gas line, upon completion of the propane tank installation. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s instructions for each of these appliances, to ensure that you hook these up in the way that’s recommended. Following prescribed rules will eliminate the possibility or risk of damage or hazard to your family as well as property.

Tip#5 Be present at the time of installation

While it may sound elementary, it’s imperative that you are physically present at the time of propane tank installation. Right from guiding the installation team to the spot where you want your propane tank installed to ensuring quick access to any part of your property or even giving your affirmation or inputs in the event of any unforeseen contingency, being there will ensure the installation process goes through without any error, delay or stops.

Tip#6 Keep children and pets away from the site

 Propane tank installation involves people, equipment and process. And it’s best done without any distractions or intrusions. Keep children and pets away from the area of installation as this will ensure their safety and also enable the installing team to do their job freely without constantly looking over their shoulders.

 Tip# 7 Ask for specific instructions

 Propane tank installations may differ from home to home depending on the property dynamics. It would be a good idea to check with the installation company for any specific requirements they may have, before their visit to your property. Likewise, also ask them for any specific recommendations they may have after installation. The idea is to have experts guide you through the entire installation process, start to end.


We trust this blog will prove helpful in helping you prepare your home the best way possible for a propane tank installation. In case you’re looking for local experts in propane tank delivery Philadelphia and propane gas delivery or are looking up propane heating companies in Havertown, West Grove and Philadelphia feel free to get in touch with us. We’re Boyle Energy, a 1937-established family business that believes in serving customers with complete honesty and excellent service. Our technicians are fully licensed and qualified and come with years of experience in handling propane tank installations and carrying out efficient propane gas deliveries. Call us at 610 595 4717 or 215 709 9196 or Book a appointment and you’ll discover a company that puts your interest above all other things.