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Air conditioning is a vital aspect of your home’s comfort experience, especially if you’re living in a region that’s prone to high temperature and humidity levels. Now, if you happen to think that all air conditioning systems are created equal, you’ll be surprised. There are primarily two types – high and low-efficiency air conditioning systems and the choice you make will pretty much determine the performance, energy consumption and operating costs that you will experience. Here’s an article that will help you understand the difference between high and low-efficiency air conditioning which in turn, will help you make an informed decision when choosing an AC unit for your home or office.

What is Air Conditioning Efficiency?

In a world full of choices, how do you differentiate between the various types of air conditioning systems available out there? More importantly, how do you determine which one is the right fit for you? This is where air conditioning efficiency comes in; it is a measure of how much cooling a system can deliver per unit of energy consumed and is expressed in terms of the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. A SEER rating is the cooling output divided by the power input over an entire cooling season. A higher SEER rating means greater efficiency and lower energy consumption, resulting in lower electricity bills.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioning

You can identify high-efficiency air conditioners by their SEER rating, which will usually be around 16 and higher. What does a SEER rating of 16 and above signify? It means these systems are designed to use less energy than conventional cooling systems, while delivering an optimal cooling performance. They achieve this thanks to advanced features such as variable speed compressors, which allow the system to adjust its cooling output based on your home’s indoor temperature, humidity level and your outdoor conditions. High-efficiency air conditioning units also help improve your indoor air quality. This is made possible with advanced hvac air scrubbers that remove airborne contaminants, allergens, and pollutants from your indoor air.

Low-Efficiency Air Conditioning

Unlike their high-efficiency counterparts, low-efficiency air conditioning systems come with a SEER rating of 14 or lower. These systems are generally less expensive than high-efficiency units, but their single-stage ac compressors operate at a fixed speed resulting in less efficient cooling and higher energy consumption. Low-efficiency air conditioning units also lack advanced air filtration systems, which means you’ll experience poor indoor air of lower quality. Also, these systems will require frequent air scrubber maintenance and repairs, which will increase your operating costs over the long term.

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