Propane Gas Delivery Philadephia, Newtown, Havertown, PA

It’s human to wonder about the life span of the products that we get into our homes and lives. At Boyle Energy, we have always helped our customers get the maximum value out of their propane tanks with our professional grade delivery and maintenance services. It’s why we have continued to earn the trust of discerning customers across the main line and other greater Philadelphia areas, for over 80 years now. Here’s a quick read from our experts on how you can stretch your propane tanks to the max, with the right care and maintenance. 

Propane Gas Delivery Philadephia, Newtown, Havertown, PA

How long will a propane cylinder (storage) last?

A propane tank that’s well-cared for, can last 20 years and even longer. In fact, hoping for a propane tank to fuel your needs for up to 30 years too, isn’t an unreasonable expectation! Because high-quality galvanised LPG gas bottles or cylinders (in other words, your propane tank), are built to last that long.

 How long can Propane be stored?

The tank has a long life but what about its content? The actual propane? This is where the good news gets even better. LPG-Propane doesn’t go bad or degrade over time, unlike other fuels like gasoline or diesel. So, while the propane tank comes with a long yet finite life, propane itself can be stored forever.

 How long will a propane tank power your home?

If you have a home that spreads across 2500 sq.ft. or beyond, you’re most likely to use a 500-gallon tank. Depending on factors like the number of people in your home and the number of appliances powered by propane, it would be safe to assume you’d be refilling your 500-gallon tank a minimum of twice a year. The actual frequency of fill-ups would also depend on the time of year, especially the winter months that would increase propane usage significantly.

 Tips to make your propane tank last longer:

 *Do a Re-inspection: Get your gas bottle or cylinder re-certified by professionals 12 years after its date of manufacture, and every 5 years thereafter. A tank that receives timely maintenance will last longer than a tank that does not.

 *Schedule timely Refills: Schedule a refill when you see your propane gauge drop to 30%. Because letting your propane tank run to empty or near empty could damage the cylinder as well as put the appliances running on it.

 *Turn it off: Make sure to disconnect your fuel tank when it’s not in use. Keeping with the general thumb rule governing the lifespan of all things manufactured.

 *Test for leaks: if you’re able to smell propane coming from your tank, have it inspected Immediately by a professional. Quicker remedies can help stop the issue from worsening and will therefore, prolong the life of your tank.

 *Place them safe: Locate your propane tanks in an area that minimizes the chances of dents, bumps and other accidents.

 *Check for soil type: Soil types can impact the life expectancy of your tank. So, get a professional evaluation done in case you have your propane tank installed underground.

 We hope this blog will help you take all the right steps towards maximizing the lifespan of your propane tank. In case, you’d like to get more detailed recommendations or have other questions regarding propane tank/propane gas delivery in or around Philadelphia, feel free to give us a call. After all, we’ve been delighting discerning customers with our propane, oil and HVAC services since 1937, and we would be simply delighted at the slightest opportunity to be of assistance to you.