This Service Agreement covers many things that typically can go wrong with your system and includes an annual tune up to increase the life of your system.

The Tune up on your heater ensures that your system will operate at maximum efficiency.  During the tune up we will:

  • Test and adjust oil burner using combustion analyzers
  • Inspect Combustion Chamber
  • Oil Motors on the burner, fans and circulators
  • Clean and check nozzle     assembly and electrodes
  • Replace air filters, oil filter element and nozzle
  • Check safety and operating controls
  • Check exposed and visible oil tank and lines
  • Vacuum heater and check smoke pipe, including base of chimney when accessible

Boyle Energy will repair or replace, during the life of this agreement, with no charge for the parts or labor, any of the following items that may become defective due to normal use or wear and tear.

There will be an additional charge for multiple zones


Aqua stat (triple)

Cad Cell Control

Circulator Control

Combination Control

Emergency Switch (replacement)

Fuse/Circuit Breaker

High / Low Limit Control

Primary Control ‘G’

*Note ‘M’ Control* (A.C.  1/2)

Reverse Aqua stat

Temperature Gauge

Thermostat (T3000)


Air cones

Air Diffuser

Air Filter, Standard

Air Regulator

Fan Control

Limit Control

Blower complete ($75 Max. Allowance)

Boiler (Main Zone):

Circulator motor

Circulator motor mounts

Circulator switch

Circulators relay            Circulator wicking      Clean out gaskets 

Burner Parts:

Blast Tube

Burner Coupling

Burner Fan

Burner Flange Gasket

Burner Motor

Buss Bar transformer leads

Cad Cell Assembly

Cad Cell Eye

Chamber ($50 Allowance)

Delayed Oil Valve

Delayed Oil Valve Coil

Electrode assembly


End cones

Ignition transformer

Ignition wiring

Low voltage transformer

Low voltage wiring, (accessible)


Nozzle adapter

Nozzle line

Fuel Supply Parts:

Flare fitting

Fuel filter cartridge

Fuel filter complete


Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump strainer

Oil line (exposed)

Oil line fittings

Oil tank allowance of $75 if readily accessible