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Finding your heat pump covered in ice isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Fortunately, most pumps come with an inbuilt defrost cycle that turns on right before the ice accumulates too much. In the defrost mode, your heating unit will reverse its air flow to redirect hot air to melt ice formations on your outdoor unit. However, if you continue seeing your heating pump covered in ice after the defrost cycle, then it’s something you need to look into. At Boyle Energy, we strive to ensure the comfort of hundreds of families and businesses in and around Philadelphia, throughout the year. Here are some common tips that we recommend you try, if you end up with a frozen heating pump.

 Tip 1: Wait for the defrost mechanism to work
As we’d mentioned at the start, the inbuilt defrost mechanism kicks in when the ice starts collecting. Sometimes, it may take the defrost system some time to do its work which may make it appear like nothing’s really happening. Our advice, be patient and chances are you won’t need to panic after all.

Tip 2: Clean out the ice
If you see your heat pump covered with ice, try and clean it without delay. Choose a garden hose as your implement to melt the ice away rather than try and jab the ice with a sharp object.

Tip 3: Clear blocks in vents
Blocked air flow too can be a contributing factor to your pump freezing out of action. Check if your air vents and registers indoors aren’t blocked by objects like clothing, furniture etc.

Tip 4: Check and clean the air filter
Air filters that are clogged can be a reason for your heat pump to get into a freeze. An obstructed air filter impacts the airflow which stops heat from being absorbed into the coils and refrigerant. This eventually causes the heat pump coils to freeze up. Cleaning or replacing your air filter could help solve the problem.

 Tip 5: Turn up the thermostat
Turn  your thermostat all the way up. If there’s no serious internal or external issue, this could be an effective way to get your system warm again which will cause the accumulated ice to thaw out.

 Tip 6: Run your fan
If your heating system is equipped with a fan, simply turn it on. It’s a short term solution which, if you get lucky, could thaw the equipment in about an hour.

While the above recommended tips may prove helpful enough to save the day, there are chances that you may need to schedule a visit from a qualified HVAC technician to resolve your problem. In case you’re looking for heating oil companies, propane gas companies or quite simply, an HVAC company in Philadelphia that you can trust to get the job done, you can always call us at Boyle Energy. We’re a family run business with a legacy of excellence that goes way back to 1937. Give us a call and we’d be delighted to introduce you to the Boyle way of excellence.