Save money on domestic water heating for this winter

Winter is a great season to spend quality time with your family indoors. However, ensuring the warmth and comfort of your family does come at a higher price during this season, especially when it comes to your water heating bills. So how do you enjoy the comfort of hot water all through the cold season and still keep your energy bills from spiking? Our experts have put together some ways that will help you generate the heat you need without feeling the heat.  

#Upgrade to a high-efficiency HVAC

Use the advances in technology to solve an age-old problem. Consider upgrading to a high efficiency HVAC system since the superior technology of these systems enable them to consume less energy which will help reduce your water heating costs significantly. If this interests you, look up heating and air conditioning companies near you who can help you find the right system for your home. Or simply, look us up.

# Service your existing heater

If you want to go along with your existing heating system for the rest of the winter, make sure to check whether it’s working efficiently. If you notice problems like a drop in temperature, weird noises, delayed starts etc., type in ‘heater repair newtown pa’ to get qualified experts who can fix the problem and help prevent your energy usage from increasing.

# Lower the temperature

You could lower your heater’s default temperature setting from the standard 140 degrees to 120 degrees. The drop of 20 degrees will not impact your supply of hot water but will surely help bring down your energy expenses by a noticeable margin.

# Insulate your heater and pipes

The loss of heat can also be a reason for your heating system to work harder or longer than it ideally should. Insulating your water heater and pipes will help keep maximum heat within your system, which will reduce both the amount of energy and time consumed by your heater to do its job. Look up Havertown hvac maintenance companies who can help you insulate your heater and pipes in the right places.

# Use a water heater blanket

A water heater blanket is a wraparound insulation sheet made of fiberglass, foil or denim that will ensure your heater maintains a consistent temperature, thereby saving you energy and money. You could learn more about this energy-and-money saving idea by contacting any local ‘heater repair newtown pa’ company.


There are several ways to keep your water heating bill in check this winter. If you’d like to get in touch with experts who come with over 85 years of solid experience in serving homeowners with honest and reliable service, reach out to us by calling 610 595 4717 or 215 709 9196. We’re Boyle Energy and we look forward to sending our HVAC experts over to your home or business to help you with your needs in the best way possible.