Bradford white water heaters

Did you know that the standard water heater consumes more energy than all other household appliances like your dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine put together? That’s right! Water heaters account for up to 20% of your home’s energy usage. Here’s a blog about the top 5 Bradford White high-efficiency water heaters you need to consider, to enjoy great performance along with great energy savings.

1. Bradford White ICON System

The Bradford White ICON System is a highly efficient and innovative water heater system that boasts an intelligent gas control system to help reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. Some of the features of this advanced water heater include

  • A self-diagnostic system that alerts homeowners to potential problems,
  • Tough design for durability during transportation and installation,
  • A larger knob for better grip,
  • Unique software for better performance and
  • Multi-colored LED system for easier view and use.

2. Bradford White Defender Safety System

The Bradford White Defender Safety System is another top option for homeowners looking for an energy-efficient water heaters. The most significant feature about this product is its patented flame arrestor design that helps protect home and property from the potential risk of fume combustion. You also get other advantages that include maintenance free operation, advanced temperature control  system, intelligent diagnostics and view-friendly LED display.  

3. Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

For homeowners who prefer an electric water heater, Bradford White offers a range of highly efficient models. You can expect innovative features such as

  • Fully automatic controls,
  • Anti-corrosive tank protection,
  • Insulation system for reduced heat loss and less energy consumption,
  • Heat traps for noise elimination and
  • Durable as well as tamper proof design.

4. Bradford White Power Vent Water Heaters

The Bradford White Power Vent Water Heater is a high-efficiency gas water heater that features an advanced power vent system to help increase efficiency and reduce energy costs. Some of its advanced features include 

  • Industry’s quietest blower motor,
  • Intelligent gas control which prevents constant burning of pilot gas,
  • Advanced temperature control system for consistent and accurate water temperatures,
  • Pilot On Indication,
  • Separate immersed thermowell to eliminate the need for tank draining when removing the gas valve,
  • Flammable vapor sensor and
  • Maintenance-free operation.

5. Bradford White Ultra Low NOx Water Heaters

The Bradford White Ultra Low NOx Water Heater is an energy-efficient gas water heater that boasts a low NOx emissions rating to reduce environmental impact, while still providing reliable and consistent hot water. It also has an array of advanced features some of which include

  • Intelligent gas control for savings in pilot gas,
  • Intelligent diagnostics for timely troubleshooting and maintenance,
  • Vitraglas lining for protection from corrosion,
  • Defender combustion chamber for protection from fume combustion and
  • Heat traps for noise reduction.

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When it comes to water heaters, Bradford White is among the most reputed brands that you will come across.  A company that’s been serving America for over 135 years, the company today employs 2300 people across its US-based facilities and is renowned for its commitment to build products to be the best in their category. At Boyle Energy – a 1937-established company that has been serving Havertown and surrounding areas with propane, oil and HVAC services, we have a strong association with this legendary name in water heaters. Call us at 610 595 4717 or 215 709 9196 for expert guidance on choosing a Bradford White water heater that’s right for your home as well as expert installation services.