air conditioner tune-ups near you

Whether you sit on your favorite couch after a tiring day, feeling cool and relaxed or warm and uncomfortable, depends on the performance of your air conditioner. Our constant dependence on air conditioners to do their jobs without taking unscheduled breaks underscores the importance of timely maintenance. Here’s a blog from the HVAC experts at Hynes that’ll help you understand the benefits of keeping your air conditioner well-maintained not just through the year, but through its tenure as your home’s official environment manager.

1) See your air conditioner last longer

Studies indicate an average air conditioner can keep your home cool and comfortable for 10 to 15 years. However, you may not need to write up an obituary for your air conditioner at the end of this period, if you pamper it with due and proper maintenance. Regular tune-ups will keep routine performance and mechanical issues from flaring up and impacting your system’s capabilities. This in turn, will enhance the lifespan of your air conditioner beyond its expected timeframe. From a predicted 10 to 15 years, you may end up pushing your air conditioner’s working career to 15 to 20 years.

2) Lower Energy Costs

As with all products, your air conditioner is bound to drop in its efficiency over time. The reasons behind your air conditioner’s drop in efficiency may range from a dirty condenser to clogged air filters to air leaks and even the process of aging. Regular maintenance will allow you to stem issues that cause efficiency loss, in time. This, in turn, will keep your energy bills from spiking when your usage pattern continues to remain the same.

3) Prevent Extensive Repair Costs

Mechanical issues can be deadly when it comes to heavy-duty performance equipment like air conditioners. If gone unnoticed or left unresolved, technical issues can lead to undue loads on other critical components, performance breakdowns, and eventually, higher repair bills. A check on the health of your air conditioner at recommended time intervals will ensure issues or potential problems don’t go under the radar and subject you to situations warranting either significant repairs or a complete replacement.

4) Prevent smelly odors

Accumulation of dirt, mold, or bacteria can lead to air with a foul odor circulating throughout your home. Clean-ups by qualified technicians will keep your system free of such build-up and eliminate the possibility of foul-smelling air.

5) Breathe clean and healthy air

An air conditioner is not just your source of cooling comfort, it is also your family’s means of accessing clean and healthy air. Servicing your air conditioner and keeping its internals free of dust, bacteria, and pollutants will reduce the possibility of air that aggravates allergies or causes respiratory issues.

6) Avoid the discomfort of breakdowns

Imagine the mercury deciding to rise and your air conditioner failing to start up, on the same day. What may appear as a coincidence may in reality be the result of wear-and-tear that’s happening for some time. Having your system checked from time to time or even at the slightest hint of trouble will keep problems from going out of hand and put your air conditioner out of work on days when you need it the most.

7) Enjoy peace of mind

With regular maintenance by qualified contractors, you’ll never have to worry about breakdowns, expensive repairs, hot summer afternoons or frequent SOS calls to technicians. It’s a small effort and cost that’ll go a long way in ensuring you a life of maximal happiness and comfort with minimal stress.

 A service that’s scheduled on time will help you keep your air conditioner in its prime, for years to come. When it comes to air conditioning tune-ups, HVAC maintenance service, or air conditioner tune-ups near you, you needn’t look any further than Boyle Energy. A family-driven enterprise that is recognized for delivering honest, committed, and professional services to its customers since its establishment in 1937. We’re people you can count on to keep your air conditioner working efficiently, without putting your comfort into a freeze.