Now that fall is here it maybe time to start thinking about replacing your heater before it gets too cold.  You may think it’s better to simply replace the system that is giving you problems.  What many people don’t realize though is that replacing both systems at once can actually save you both money and efficiency in the long run.  Today’s heating and air conditioning systems are very efficient and use much less energy than older systems. When you can match the furnace and air conditioning efficiencies together you can make sure that the entire system as efficient as possible. If you have a new heater with great efficiency ratings but an older air conditioning you will not be able to take advantage of the full energy savings. A few times that you should definitely replace them together are when you replacing with an over 16 SEER system, the job is difficult to access or a tight space or if you are close to retirement and life on a fixed budget.

Although it is great to be able to replace these both at the same time it may not always be a great idea. If either your furnace or AC are less than 10 years old you should probably wait. If you are still unsure give Boyle Energy a call and request a free estimate and we will keep you informed