Most people think that adding air conditioning to a house that does not already have it is a HUGE expense! In some cases it is, don’t get us wrong. If your house is heated with a boiler and has radiators or is an older house, chances are you do not have any existing duct work in your walls. Ducts are what moves the air to the different parts of your house. It is generally more of an expense to add ducts and in some cases tear into walls and closets to make these ducts for air conditioning. There are other options if this is the case so don’t be discouraged. Boyle Energy installs a lot of Mini-Split systems in these types of house which are a great option.

Some houses though are heated with furnaces and already have the duct work within the walls. In these cases adding central air may not be a big deal at all since a lot of the major components are there already. If you have been thinking about it, give us a call and see just how easy it can be. We can’t wait to hear from you!!!