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As we go about our daily lives, we are all exposed to a multitude of health dangers. According to the new WHO air quality model, 92 % of the world’s population lives in areas where air quality levels exceed WHO guidelines. Exposure to outdoor air pollution is responsible for around 3 million fatalities annually. Indoor air pollution is just as deadly.  In 2012, both Indoor and Outdoor air pollution were responsible for an estimated 6.5 million deaths i.e.,11.6 % of all worldwide deaths. But, there are a few hazards that can be avoided by making some educated decisions. At Boyle Energy, we believe that a healthy community begins with a healthy home. Our area of expertise extends to designing an ideal indoor with the help of our comprehensive and residential HVAC plans.

But, isn’t it a basic responsibility of all of us to know the causes of indoor air pollution and find ways to minimize it? Here’s an informational brief that might help you improve the air quality of your indoors

What Are The Causes Of Air Pollution In The Indoors?

As shocking as it sounds, our living room may have the worst air quality we’ve ever experienced. That is because of the several carriers of pollutants present in our indoors. One in every 15 houses in the United States has dangerously high radon levels. Radon is naturally emitted by the soil and enters the home through the foundation floor, wall cracks, drains, and other openings. Exposure to radon inside is thought to be the second greatest cause of lung cancer. Other sources of pollution include,

  • Combustion Sources

Oil, gas, kerosene, coal, wood, and tobacco products

  • Building Materials and Furnishings 

Deteriorated, asbestos-containing insulations, damp carpets, and cabinetry or furniture made of certain pressed wood products

  • Products For Household Maintenance

Improper Central heating and cooling systems, Humidification devices

A Set Of Steps To Control Indoor Air Quality

1. Open The Windows
Maintaining airflow is the simplest approach to enhance the quality of the air. This idea may seem to be counter-intuitive, but it’s necessary for homes that use chemical-laden cleaning and decorating products.

2. Let Go Of The Air Fresheners
Air fresheners may help in concealing unpleasant odors, but every squirt releases a cloud of synthetic chemicals into your house. A better alternative could be an organic air diffuser or an essential oil burner.

3. Go Green 
The air-purifying advantages of houseplants have been extensively established, but a rainforest would be required to have a significant influence on your air quality. Did you know that it would require between 10 and 1,000 plants per square meter of floor area to compete with the air cleaning capability of a few open windows in a home?

4. HVAC Systems – An overall Measure For an Ideal Indoor 
HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The HVAC system is designed to support us in controlling the atmosphere we live in. The system’s role extends beyond just heating or cooling a place. Instead, it improves indoor air quality and provides comfort for everyone in a home. 

Boyle Energy’s Expertise in Indoor Air Quality
We are Boyle Energy – a family-run business, offering a wide variety of products and HVAC maintenance services intending to provide cleaner, healthier, and quality indoor air. Our comprehensive HVAC plans branch out to Gas Heat, Air Conditioning, Heat Pump, Humidifier, and Hot Water Heater Service plans. Apart from comprehensive plans, we also recommend one-time as well as regular Tune-Up services. 

Is your HVAC under repair? Are you in search of a Heating Oil company in Delaware ? Do you want to receive Propane tank deliveries? Without any hesitation, choose the services of Boyle Energy. We would  be more than delighted to serve you across Havertown Pa, Philadelphia, Delaware County, Chester County, Newton Square Pa and all other surroundings!