HVAC Tune Up Service

Spring has arrived and Boyle Energy wants to help you and your family stay cool this summer! Follow these easy tips below to ensure that your family is comfortable while saving money.

Have your Air Conditioning’s Annual Maintenance done 

Your air conditioning needs a tune up each year just like your heating system. By doing this each year  you can make sure that your equipment is running efficiently during the summer months. There is also a $25 rebate to PECO customers that have this tune up done!!! Boyle Energy will even submit the rebate for you once we complete the tune up.

Remember to use your ceiling fans 

Even if you have central air, you can use your fans in conjunction with the central air to increase circulation in the house. This can lead to not having to keep the thermostat so low and saving energy. Did you know that a ceiling fan can help a room feel up to 10 degrees cooler??!!

Keep curtains and blinds closed on hot days 

Keep the hot outside. By closing shades you can drastically reduce the amount of heat entering your house and keep the cool air in.

 Cut down on drafts 

Don’t let that cool air out! Seal leaks and cracks in windows and doors that could potentially let heat in or cold air out. Call us for an Energy Audit that could give you an idea as to where the heat is escaping. This is a good tip for all year round and can help your energy bills.

Invest in a programmable thermostat and use it correctly 

Using a programmable thermostat is a great way to make sure your home stays cool while you’re there to enjoy it, but that your air conditioner isn’t working overtime when you’re away. If you have a fairly regular schedule, it’s easy to set your thermostat for your home to be warmer when you’re not there, but have it kick on so that it’s cool and comfortable by the time you walk in the door. Using a thermostat properly can help reduce those energy bills too.

Hopefully by following these easy steps you can save money and stay cool this summer!