Right now is a great time to upgrade your system. Replacing an older system with a new high efficiency system can save you money in energy costs. High efficiency air conditioners and heating systems consume less energy than lower efficiency models, so you won’t pay as much for your monthly energy bills.

High efficiency models also have better performance, with features like variable speed air handlers and compressors that allow them to use less energy. They also have a longer operating life and require fewer repairs than lower efficiency models.

Upgrading your equipment could even qualify you for a rebate if your new equipment meets certain requirements. There are tons of rebates on new energy efficient equipment. Carrier and Energy Star have some awesome rebates on furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners that meet certain energy efficiency standards.

PECO will send you a check for $25 if you get the annual maintenance air conditioning or heat pump. They also have rebates for the upgrade of your system.

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