Q:Why should I invest in a service plan?

For peace of mind and family comfort. Our plans include a preventive maintenance tune-up, plus you can receive savings on repairs.

Q:Why are tune-ups important?

Records show that four out of five system breakdowns could have been prevented with regular maintenance. A tune-up will reduce the chance of breakdowns, keep your system running at peak efficiency and cut your fuel bills by up to 10%.

Q: Why is buying a service plan a good decision?

In the event your system needs service, as a priority customer you go to the top of the list. Additionally our service plans cover parts and labor for no heat and/or hot water service calls (depending on plan).

Q: Which plan is best for me?

It depends on the level of protection you’re comfortable with. If your system is more than five years old, you probably need the peace of mind you get with comprehensive parts and labor coverage. If your system is less than five years old, our annual tune-up plan may be the best choice.

Q: How do I get started?

Look over our service plans online and give our office a call today.