propane for home heating

Propane or Electric? It’s a decision that millions of American households are called upon to make each year when it comes to installing a water heating system. At Boyle Energy, we don’t believe in handing answers outright to our customers. Rather, we believe in sharing knowledge that enables our customers and communities to evaluate facts and then arrive at their own independent decisions. Here, we bring you a listing of factors you need to consider when choosing between propane and electric for your water heating system.

 1.Cost of heating water
When it comes to taking a shower, both propane and electric water heaters will pamper you with a welcome flow of hot water. So, what’s the difference? The difference arises when you start to consider the cost of heating your daily water. As per a 2018 study, an electric water heater cost the average US household $432 / year while a propane water heater billed up to only $369 / year. The math may have changed over the last few years but the conclusion still remains the same.

2.The time to heat up  
You’ve had a long day at work and are relieved to be back home. Once home, the first thing you want to do is take a long hot bath. How long will you have to wait for the water to heat up? A propane water heater will give you water at the temperature you need, immediately. An electric water heater on the other hand, may end up straining your patience with a wait that could last up to several minutes. Also, with a propane water heater, you won’t have to worry about the water going from hot to cold in the middle of your bath.

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3.Supply during power outages
Power outages can disrupt your daily life with rarity or regularity, depending on the region you live in. Can you imagine getting a supply of hot water when there’s no electricity in your entire neighborhood? Yes, if you have a propane water heater doing the job for you. And no, obviously, if you’re relying on an electric water heater. 

4.Impact on the environment
Imagine the hot water shower you look forward to indulging in everyday, comforting you without warming up the environment. When it comes to eco-sensibility, propane water heaters have a clear advantage. They produce far lesser emissions than heaters powered by electrical energy. 

5.Cost of installation
Compare the upfront costs and a propane water heater will cost you more than its electrical counterpart. However, with greater energy efficiency, a propane water heater will make sure you recover the extra expenditure during the course of its usage. 

6.Compatibility with your home fuel
If your home’s appliances run on electricity, adding an electric water heater would make greater sense. Since you won’t need to establish a propane connection just for a single propane-powered appliance. Conversely, if your household is powered by propane, a propane water heater would easily fit in, without any inconvenience or extra costs.

When it comes to choosing between propane and electric for your water heating requirements, it’s not an easy vote to cast. However, we do hope, with the facts about both types of water heaters covered in this blog article, you’ll find it easier to arrive at a choice that makes perfect sense for your home. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for propane gas delivery, propane for home heating, gas water heater service or propane gas companies in or around your neighborhood, give us a call. We’re Boyle Energy and we have over 80 years of proven experience in serving communities in and around Havertown with high standards of professionalism, empathy and reliability. We’ll be happy to introduce you to the Boyle way of service, anytime you give us a call.