oil delivery companies in Philadelphia

If you’re among the 5.5 million US households that rely on heating oil for home heating needs, here’s a question you might want to ask yourself. On-demand or Automatic fuel delivery? At Boyle Energy, we’ve been helping thousands of customers find the right answers to their questions ever since we started business back in 1937. So, we’re going to help you with some essential pointers that’ll help you arrive at your ‘right answer’, when it comes to choosing between ‘On-demand’ and ‘Automatic Delivery’ of heating oil.

On-demand Oil Delivery

This is the traditional way followed by generations of American families, when it comes to stocking up on one of their home’s most vital resources.

 The advantages:

1. You have complete control.

2. You can place an order anytime you decide, as per your budgeted plan or home requirement.

3. You can vary the quantity that you order, as per your need, budgets or prices prevailing at the time.

 The disadvantages:

1. You’ll need to monitor your usage and also remember to check your tank.

2. You’ll need to schedule a delivery when your tank is about 25% full, since deliveries take 24 – 48 hours and maybe longer, in times of high demand.

3. If you order a delivery when running really low, you may just completely run out of fuel before the delivery is made.

4. In peak season, you’ll find your fuel bills climbing when you schedule higher quantity oil refills.

Automatic Oil Delivery

This is a modern way to handle the recurring need for oil deliveries throughout the year. This method involves working with your preferred oil delivery company to design a delivery schedule that best matches your average oil usage pattern.

 The advantages:

1. You won’t need to regularly check your tank or remember to call your fuel company to schedule a delivery.

2. Your needs will be handled on priority by your oil delivery company, even during high demand periods.

3. Your chances of running out of fuel get minimized since your delivery schedule is matched to your home’s usage of heating oil.

4. Since you’ll never be running empty with scheduled refills, you’ll need lesser quantity top-ups during peak season which will result in lower energy bills.

 The disadvantages:

1. If you make a major change that impacts your oil usage in a significant way and don’t let your oil company know, you may end up running out of fuel before your estimated time.

2. You will not be able to vary the time or quantity of oil delivery, as these would be decided between you and the oil delivery company at the start.

 So, should you choose ‘On-Demand’ or ‘Automatic Delivery’ the next time you contact oil delivery companies in Philadelphia? According to us, it all comes down to two important factors in the end. Better cost and higher comfort. And it’s for these two reasons that many American households have started to switch to the Automatic Delivery mode. At Boyle Energy however, we’d be delighted to serve you no matter how you wish to have your oil delivered to your doorstep. Choose On-Demand delivery and our qualified technicians will handle your needs without unnecessary delays or hassles. Choose Automatic delivery and we’ll provide you a choice of budget plans that’ll ensure both savings and convenience. In fact, we can even help you when it comes to propane delivery, propane tank installation and a lot more. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll treat you to the legendary Boyle way of delivering oil and much more.