propane for home heating

Propane is one of the most economical and efficient sources of energy available in the world today. It’s also abundantly available, convenient to use and store, environment friendly and safe to use. A whole lot of reasons why millions of Americans use up to 18 billion gallons of propane for home heating and other needs, every year. Now, you may not have second thoughts about using Propane as a primary fuel for your household needs but you may perhaps, lack the same clarity when it comes to choosing your means to store propane. At Boyle Energy, we have a longstanding tradition of not just serving our customers with excellence but also guiding them with the right advice when it comes to fuels like propane and oil. So, here’s a quick read that will help you find your answer to one of the most frequently asked questions by propane gas users. “Should I buy or lease a tank to store my Propane?”

Buying your own Propane Tank: The Facts 

  • Better Sale Value of your home 

Having a tank that comes along with the home is a bonus for prospective home buyers. So, if you ever decide to sell your home, having your own propane tank will prove to be an extra edge. 

  • Freedom to choose your Supplier

When you buy your own tank, you won’t be bound to any particular propane supplier. This means you’ll have the freedom to shop around for low propane prices and deals. 

  • Responsibility for maintenance

When you own a tank, you’re solely responsible for its repairs and regular maintenance. Everything from fixing broken tank gauges to repairing tank cracks would have to be financially handled by you. 

Leasing a Propane Tank: The Facts

  • Freedom from maintenance worries

This is one of the biggest advantages of leasing a tank. You won’t need to dig into your wallet to fix any problems arising with your propane tank. So, be it a broken or malfunctioning tank gauge or any other wear and tear connected with the tank and its supporting equipment, all repairs and maintenance would be carried out by the company owning the tank. All you need to do is to call up your company and inform them about the problem. In fact, with timely maintenance services offered by the company, you may never really encounter many of the usual issues that households owning propane tanks end up facing. 

  • Convenience and Savings in Refills 

When you lease a propane tank, you have to deal with just one supplier. This saves you the trouble of having to compare several propane vendors every time you need a refill. Having a single vendor also gives you the advantage of discounted prices, which won’t come your way when you own a tank and don’t have a contract with any specific propane supplying company. 

  • Hassle of changing Propane companies

If you run into a problem with your propane company and want to change companies, you’ll need to coordinate a transfer of ownership. You would be looking at any of the following possibilities: 1) If the propane companies are cooperative (which is most likely the case, considering the customer-centric world we’re living in), the new company will buy the tank from the existing one. 2) You may have to buy the tank from your existing propane company and then sell it to the new one. 3) Your existing company may remove their tank from your home or property. 

We’re sure, after going through these facts you’d want to know our recommendation. Buying a propane tank involves a huge, one-time investment that may end up restricting your household budget for other important things. Besides, you’ll also need to handle the responsibility of regular repair and maintenance – from the smallest to the biggest, which will take up your valuable time and in some unfortunate situations, also put a dent in your savings. Leasing a tank will comparatively make life a whole lot easier for you and your wallet. The leasing plans are sure to suit any type of budget and the maintenance support means you’ll never have to worry about your tank once the company installs it and leaves your premises. So, we’d recommend you lease rather than buy. If you need any further information on how to lease a propane tank, just give us a call. As an expert  propane company in Delaware county PA that’s delivered over 1000,000 oil stops, made over 500,000 service calls and installed tens of thousands of heating and cooling systems since its establishment in 1937, we’d be delighted to help you in the best way possible.