Reasons why propane is best choice for your home

Are you wondering about whether or not to use propane for home heating this winter? As per a research report published in 2022, propane is the primary  heating fuel for roughly 12 million American homes. Here’s a quick read on what makes propane a great fuel choice for your home.

  • Get more heat out of every buck 

A propane furnace performs at 90% efficiency while an oil furnace maxes out at around 60% efficiency. What this means is, every dollar you spend on propane gets you 90 cents of heat in contrast to heating oil where your actual value stands at 60 cents. Here’s another fact – propane produces 2x the amount of heat as compared to natural gas. This maximization of energy usage helps reduce overall energy consumption in comparison to other fuels. That’s a great reason to consider propane for home heating.

  •  Available in abundance 

The United States is the world’s leading producer of propane with a volume that’s more than sufficient to meet national demand. With an abundant supply of propane and plenty of propane gas companies to pick from, you won’t have to worry about situations where you run out of propane to fuel your home.  


  • Use it all around your home 

Imagine a fuel that stands up to every requirement that you throw at it. From cooking meals to providing hot showers, drying clothes to heating spaces, there’s practically no household need that propane cannot power. You can also use it to fuel your vehicle and to power outdoor requirements like cooking when you go camping or adventuring. Enough reasons to check out one of the best propane gas companies in pa, to find one that will work best for you.

  •  Burn it without feeling guilty 

Propane is extremely low in carbon content which means it produces an almost negligible amount of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and other greenhouse gasses that harm the environment. If you are conscious about helping conserve the environment, call any of your local propane gas companies to shift to this environment-friendly fuel. 

  •  Never be stranded without it 

Unlike homes that depend on electricity or natural gas, you’ll have your propane stored on your property itself. As long as you maintain your tank volume, you will never have to face discomforting situations where you have a home to run and no fuel to run it.

  •  Cool down your heating bill 

Although the average cost of propane has risen in comparison to last season, you can still control your costs in two ways. One, you could ask your propane supplier for a price protection or pre-buy plan that guarantees you a price for a fixed quantity of propane even in the event of a price increase. Two, you could increase the capacity of your tank to reduce your fill-ups and delivery fees.


There are several reasons to make propane your home’s main fuel, like higher efficiency, all-round availability, lower pollution rate and so on. Use this resource smartly and you will be able to save hundreds of dollars in your energy consumption every year. If you are based in Havertown or Chester County and would like to connect with a reliable propane fuel provider, reach out to us at Boyle Energy. Call 610 595 4717 or 215 709 9196 and our experts will cover your needs from installation to delivery to maintenance, with high quality standards and attention to detail that make Boyle Energy a reputed name in this business.