Boyle Energy participated in MuckFest™ MS, a mucky romp through mud and obstacles in support of a world free of multiple sclerosis (MS). We raised $1835 for MS. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body.


Boyle Energy partners with Oil Heat Cares to restore energy to the Southwest
Boyle Energy and Oil Heat Cares helped the Southwest  Community Center keep warm. The heater in the building failed over a year ago and they have not had the funds to replace it. Since the heater was put out of service they have not been able to open the art center for the children.  Oil Heat Cares Foundation found out and they decided to help. The Southwest Community Center  provides free art classes to the kids in the community, a computer center, and numerous enrichment programs for people of all ages. Their philosophy of service emphasizes both the self worth of each individual, and the identification and coordination of community resources to address community issues.


Boyle Energy Wins 2012 Oil Heat Cares Cup National Award in conjunction with the The Delaware Valley Chapter Of Oil Heat Service Managers
Boyle Energy celebrated winning the 2012 Oil Heat Cares Cup by taking in the Philadelphia Union Game vs. Columbus Crew.Oil Heat Cares is a Not-for-Profit Foundation that assists needy persons and organizations with the replacement of their oil heating appliances.Funds are raised to purchased heating equipment and OESP (The National Association of Oil Energy Service Professionals) Chapters and Members identify those within their neighborhoods that need a temporary helping hand by installing the equipment at no cost to the homeowner.


Franca Pezza is a 60 year old woman who had to move in with her 96 year old mother to take care of her. Between their combined Social Security, she also works 2 days a week to pay for groceries and started to sell off their belongings to supplement their income to make ends meet.
Pat Boyle of Boyle Energy thought they would be an excellent candidate for Oil Heat Cares. He was right. Their boiler was very old and inoperable. A new Crown boiler had been installed.
Franca called to thank OHC and shared the burden that had been lifted from their shoulders. She couldn’t speak more highly about Pat’s technicians. She was so grateful she actually broke down and cried. Basically unable to move around, her mother used 2 canes to support herself, to go downstairs to meet the guys to thank them.


Boyle Energy, Havertown, PA and members of the Delaware Valley Chapter helped out a long-time customer. During the annual tune-up, it was found that the furnace had a cracked heat exchanger. Having recurring health problems, Mrs. Johnson, didn’t have the resources to purchase a new heater. She is the happy recipient of a new Crown Furnace. On the eventful day, Mrs. Johnson couldn’t even share in the excitement of getting her new furnace because of being hospitalized. But this winter she’ll be comfortable knowing she has a safe new oil fired furnace thanks to Boyle Energy and Oil Heat Cares.


Boyle Installs New Boiler For No Charge For a Women with No Heat
Donna Rugh was looking out for her mother-in-law who, because of a serious illness, could not work. The holidays were coming as well as the cold weather and when Mrs. Rugh learned that her boiler was not repairable, she didn’t know what to do. Donna did some online research and contacted OHC. Members of the Delaware Valley Chapter were contacted and asked if any of them could lend a hand or spearhead the project. It wasn’t long until Mrs. Rugh learned that if she could wait for a break in the weather, member of the chapter, Pat Boyle, Boyle Energy, Havertown would install the boiler at no charge to the family. The special thing about this project is the fact that Mrs.Rugh wasn’t even a customer of Boyle Energy! It is safe to say that Pat just felt it was the right thing to do for the Rugh Family.


Boyle Donates Oil Boiler to Family in Need
Everything you hear on the radio or television news paints a bleak picture of our economy. Sometimes you just need to take a break from it all and focus on the positive things we have and how we can share some of that with our families and communities. Just ask Robert & Loretta Davies of the Delaware Valley area how it feels to have the support of Oil Heat Cares. Loretta learned from her service technician, Wayne Thomas, Boyle Energy, Havertown PA that she needed a new boiler. That was the last thing Loretta wanted to hear.
Because Pat Boyle believes in educating his technicians and sharing with them some of the Industry programs, such as OHC, Wayne suggested Ms. Davies contact us through the website. She explained that her husband’s income had dramatically dropped. He is actively looking for work but at 54 years of age, a sluggish economy and recently being diagnosed with diabetes makes it difficult. Loretta holds a good job but her income can’t sustain the family. It is difficult enough for them to hold on to their home but needing a new boiler definitely wasn’t in their tight budget.