propane gas delivery

Changing or starting a relationship with a new propane company can seem somewhat overwhelming. Besides the price of the actual propane there are other costs that are associated with propane as well.

If you do not already have a tank you will need to rent or buy one. The renting vs. buying a tank issue is a very important decision.  Renting a tank from a company, such as Boyle Energy, is the more cost effective option up front. We will charge a fee to install the tank and charge a minimal monthly rental fee. Buying a tank can be a bit more costly up front but you then have more control over who supply’s propane to your tank.

If you own your tank you do not need to worry about rental fees, but you still should do your research. Below are some other things to consider:

Does the propane company offer maintenance on your propane appliances? A one stop shop is always nice so you do not need to deal with multiple companies.

Does the company offer Automatic deliveries? Automatic delivery keeps your home fueled without you needing to worry about checking your tank – ever!

The ease of doing business… Does your company offer online payments,  pay by phone, a budget program and detailed invoices at time of delivery? We all know what it’s like to deal with a company that makes it hard to do business with them, why would you want that in a propane company.

Does a person answer the phone when you call? We all hate calling companies and having to enter three different options to get to a live person. At Boyle Energy we make it a point to pick up by the third ring.

Check out reviews, testimonials and social media sites of the companies and find out what others think.

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