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If your home is among the thousands of American homes that rely on Propane fuel, you surely would have attempted the math. How much propane do you need around the year? To keep your tank from running empty and your routine chores from coming to an abrupt standstill. At Boyle Energy, we’ve always been at the service of our community – either through our efficient and timely services of propane and heating oil or our expert advice and recommendations on matters relating to usage and budgeting of propane or heating oil. This quick read put together by our team will give you an overview of the propane usage of an average home and also, ways to efficiently manage your home’s propane consumption.


Your home’s propane usage

From heating your water to cooking your meals, drying your clothes to warming your spaces, there’s a lot that the propane stored in your tank is relied upon to do. Take a look at roughly how much propane is consumed by typical household appliances. Please note, these averages could vary from home to home and also, in colder weather when furnaces need to work harder and therefore, consume a higher amount of fuel.

*Furnaces: 1 gallon / hour

*Water Heaters: 1.5 gallons / day

*Fireplaces: 1 gallon / 3 hours

*Gas cooktops: 5 – 10 gallons / month

*Dryers: Less than 1 gallon / day


Monitor your Propane Tank Reading

Sometimes, there could be a difference between the amount of propane actually used around your home and the reading given by your tank. This happens in colder weather when your tank is likely to lose some of its internal pressure which may result in an inaccurate gauge reading. A good way to avoid incorrect tank readings and the incidence of unpleasant surprises like an empty tank, would be to have your propane tank reading accurately checked by your propane dealer during the colder months.


Buy the right sized Propane Tank

A tank that’s too small for your home will require more frequent refilling, which will add to your costs. Buy a tank that’s large enough to cover the needs of your home and assures you of lesser refills around the year.


Fill up in the Off Season

Stock up your propane when the prices plunge. Or when you see deals around every corner. Taking advantage of the discounts will help cover the price spikes that’ll come your way in the peak season.

Make sure your appliances are energy efficient

Planning your propane deliveries, choosing the right tank and grabbing every deal out there will still not make a dent in your annual propane bill if you have appliances that’re outdated guzzlers. Have a good propane service company check your appliances for propane efficiency and don’t hesitate to upgrade appliances that have serious technical issues or have gone past their prime.


We hope the facts put in here by our experts will help you efficiently manage your home’s annual usage of propane. If you’re looking for propane dealers in Chester County, propane dealers near you or oil delivery companies in pa, we’d be more than happy to help you. At Boyle Energy, we have a tradition of helping  our community with efficient propane and heating oil delivery and maintenance services since 1937. We’d be happy to get an opportunity to help you with a free estimate, speedy delivery and tune-ups for your propane systems. In short, everything to get your propane usage going with minimal hassles and maximum savings.