ac installation cost at home

With winter coming to an end, you will feel the need to turn to the comfort of an air conditioning system soon. If you already have a fully functioning HVAC or air conditioning system, then all you’ll probably need before the change of season is an air conditioning tune up. But if you have a cooling system that’s old or functioning inefficiently, then you may need to consider an air conditioning installation sometime soon. Here’s a quick read that will familiarize you with the costs of buying an air conditioning system in Havertown, Pennsylvania.

Factors that will determine your spend

The cost of installing an air conditioning system will vary from one homeowner to another. Here are a few factors that will determine your AC installation cost.

1. The Size of Your Home

Your home’s overall area is one of the most significant factors in determining the cost of an air conditioning system. For example, if your home is around 1,000-1,500 square feet it will require a smaller air conditioning system resulting in a lower installation cost of around $3,500-$4,000. However, if your home is around 3,000-4,000 square feet it will require a larger system, resulting in a higher installation cost of around $6,000-$7,500.

2. The Type of Air Conditioning System

AC systems come in a range of formats and your choice will determine your cost. 

a. Central Air Conditioning Systems

The kind of system can cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $7,500 depending on the capacity you choose. For a 2,000 square foot home with existing ductwork, the cost could range around $3,500 while for a larger, more complex home the price could inch closer to $7,500.

b. Ductless Mini-split Systems

This is a more affordable option that could cost around $2,000 – for a 1000 square foot home with 2 rooms, and around $5,000 – for a larger home with more rooms.

c. Window Units

Window units are the most affordable option for air conditioning, with installation costs ranging from around $150 to $500 per unit. However, they are only effective in cooling a single room, so multiple units may be required for larger homes. For example, a 1,500 square foot home with three bedrooms and a living room may require four window units at a total cost ranging from around $600 to $2,000.

3. Other costs

In addition to the cost of the air conditioning system itself, there are several secondary costs associated with installation. These may include permits and fees, labor costs and additional materials required for installation. If you choose to have your ductwork cleaned, repaired or freshly installed, this will further push up your overall installation cost.

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The right research will not only help you install an air conditioning system that will cool your home without spiking up your energy expenses, it will also help you bring down your cost of installation. If you’re looking for an HVAC company in Philadelphia that you can rely on for both quality advice and professional-grade installation, talk to us at Boyle Energy. We’ve been supporting communities in and around Havertown with honest and high-quality HVAC, propane and oil services since 1937. Call 610 595 4696 or 215 709 9196 to speak to contractors who’ll handle your air conditioning needs in a way that you’ll find professional, courteous and affordable.