PECO rebate on air conditioners

A PECO rebate is not just a way of saving money when installing a high-efficiency air conditioning system, it is a way of making a statement that you’re also helping save the environment. After all, when you choose to invest in a high efficiency air conditioning system that costs more than standard cooling systems, you’re lowering your average consumption of energy as well as your carbon footprint. If you’re interested in installing a high efficiency air conditioning system and getting a PECO rebate, here’s a blog that tells you everything you need to know.

A bit about PECO

PECO was founded as the Philadelphia Electric Company in 1881 but came into full-fledged existence in 1929. With approximately 2300 employees, PECO is the largest combination utility company in Pennsylvania and serves around 1.6 million customers with electric energy. A PECO rebate enables you to save hundreds of dollars on purchase of appliances including high-efficiency air conditioning systems.

What are High-Efficiency Air Conditioners?

One of the commonest worries of homeowners during the warmer months is seeing a spike in their energy bills. An old air conditioning system that is less efficient in its energy usage is partially to blame. High-efficiency air conditioners are slighly different from low efficiency one as they use less energy and deliver a superior cooling experience that results in less energy expenses every month. How do you identify a high efficiency air conditioning system? Look for models that carry a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of over 13. SEER is an industry standard formulated to measure the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems across brands.

Follow these steps to get a PECO Rebate on your Air Conditioning System

1. Look for listed models

Not every air conditioning system qualifies for a PECO rebate, so look up the models that are covered for a rebate on PECO’s website.

2.  Ensure installation by licensed professionals

Make sure to have your high efficiency air conditioning system installed by a contractor who’s licensed and certified. Ask for a certification of installation upon completion of the job, which will carry the details of your contractor.

3. Apply for your rebate

Make your application for a PECO rebate on your high efficiency air conditioning system either online or by traditional mail. Attach a copy of your purchase receipt and certificate of installation with this application.

4. Await your rebate

If approved, your application could get you a rebate of up to $500 on your air conditioning system from PECO, within a timeframe of 6 to 8 weeks from the time of application.

Eligibility Criteria for PECO Rebates

1. You must be a PECO customer

You must receive your energy supply from PECO to be eligible for a rebate.

2. Your air conditioning system must be new

PECO only offers rebates on new systems. Used or refurbished systems do not qualify.

3. Your air conditioning system must be installed by a licensed contractor

As mentioned earlier, PECO requires that all systems be installed by a licensed contractor.

4. Your air conditioning system must meet specified efficiency standards

To qualify for a rebate, your air conditioning system must meet the minimum efficiency standards set by PECO. These standards vary depending on the size and type of system.

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