Boyle Energy has been busy this summer installing Energy Kinetics System 2000 boilers. Theses syetems have always been popular but are gaining popularity in this area. There are many benefits to these systems but the main reason that many homeowners are turning to them is their efficiency. These boilers can have up to 97% AUFE, which stands for Annual Utilization Fuel Efficiency. Basically that means that 97% of the energy that it consumes can be turned to heat. Most standard furnaces are 80% AUFE which means that 20% of the energy produced is exhaust where as some System 2000 systems only produce 3% of exhaust. This all translates into savings for the homeowner.

Some other benefits of these systems are their silent operation and nearly endless hot water supply. They can be used with any fuel as well and Boyle Energy installs them all. Call our office today to schedule your free estimate or click here to learn more