Propane Gas Delivery

Doing things by yourself creates a feeling of accomplishment and pride that’s hard to define. Also, you end up saving a good deal of money by trying your own hand at things instead of calling an expert. However, when it comes to certain necessities like fixing up your propane appliances it’s advisable to get things done rather than do it yourself. At Boyle Energy, we have considered the safety and well-being of our customers as our topmost priority since the time we first opened for propane and oil delivery, installation and maintenance in 1937. Here are a few reasons why we believe you should entrust the installation of your propane appliances to a licensed, qualified and experienced professional.

Pick appliances that’re right for you
Imagine bringing home a water heater that’s oversized for your needs. Not only will you end up paying more at the time of purchase, you’ll also find yourself paying higher energy bills after the appliance comes home. An expert will ensure you pick appliances that match your needs and also help lower your energy consumption and maintenance hassles.

Ensure safe and glitch-free installation
The smallest of slips could prove dangerous when it comes to installation of propane appliances. For instance, improperly attached valves and hoses could lead to gas leaks (carbon monoxide), which would put your family’s health at risk. The chances of such hazardous possibilities get eliminated when you entrust the job to an expert. Also, a professional will know how to handle the situation if something goes wrong during the installation.

Professionals come with insurance
What if the process of installation was to damage your appliance, your home or both? These damages become your sole liability when you’re doing the installation. However, if these damages were to occur when the installation is being carried out by a professional, then the professional’s insurance is liable to compensate you for the damages.

Professional installation saves you valuable time
In a fast and demanding world, you no doubt wait for the weekends to relax and rejuvenate. Would you really want to dedicate a hard-earned weekend for the installation of an appliance? With a professional on the job, you can spend your weekend any which way you desire and yet have your appliance installed and ready to perform.

We trust the above rationale will convince you to get in touch with propane companies in Philadelphia, for the installation of your propane appliances. If you need any further information or would like us to handle your propane appliance installation, do give us a call. We come with over 80 years of experience in propane tank delivery, propane gas delivery for home heating and so much more. Above all, we come with 80+ years of experience in delighting thousands of families on the Main Line with exceptional service, expertise, integrity and value. Something you’ll start to experience no sooner that you give us a call at Boyle Energy.