Debunking common myths about heating oil Philadelphia

When it comes to home heating fuel, Philadelphia homeowners have numerous options. Heating oil is one of the most dependable and effective options. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about heating oil that dissuade consumers from utilizing oil home heating systems. Here’s a blog that addresses some of the most frequent fallacies regarding heating oil and sheds light on the realities while debunking fiction. 

Busting 6 myths about heating oil

Myth 1: Heating oil is expensive

Heating oil is often considered to be more costly than alternative heating choices. In reality however, heating oil prices vary on a variety of factors, including geography, supply and demand and worldwide oil prices. The net outcome is, heating oil will turn out to be less expensive than electricity or gas for heating your home. 

Furthermore, many heating oil companies provide budget plans and price protection programmes to assist you in managing your heating bills.

Myth 2: Heating oil Is harmful to the environment

Another widespread misconception about heating oil is that its utilization leads to environmental damage. But the truth is, modern heating oil is a lot cleaner and greener with low sulfur heating oil emitting much less pollutants than previous variants. 

Furthermore, several heating oil companies are also selling biofuels manufactured from renewable resources, which reduces their environmental effect even further.

Myth 3: Heating oil Is not efficient

A lot of people believe heating oil systems are less efficient than other heating fuels and result in higher usage expenses. You’ll be surprised to learn however, oil heating systems offer exceptional efficiency ratings that frequently reach 90%. Because of this efficiency, a considerable percentage of the energy from the oil is transformed into heat, ensuring that your home stays warm while minimizing waste.

Myth 4: Heating oil has only one standard 

One of the most prevalent misconceptions about heating oil is that it’s restricted to fixed standards. On the contrary, heating oil does not have a single, nationwide standard and varies depending on the supplier. The heating oil you receive depends on the specific formulation used by your chosen heating oil company.

Myth 5: Oil companies add additives to prevent sludge build up

Many homeowners believe that oil delivery company in PA routinely add additives to prevent sludge from forming in their oil tanks. While some heating oil companies may offer additives as part of their service packages, it’s not a universal practice. Whether additives are included or not largely depends on the heating oil company’s policies and the customer’s preferences.

Myth 6: The only solution for a sludge-filled tank is replacement

A common misconception is that if your heating oil tank accumulates sludge at the bottom, the only option is to replace the entire tank. This is not always the case. Depending on the extent of sludge buildup and the tank’s condition, it may be possible to clean and maintain the tank rather than incurring the cost of a full replacement. You should consult with a technician to decide whether to replace or not.

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