Check heating system efficiency

Your heating system plays a key role in ensuring the warmth and comfort of your family, especially through the onslaught of the cold season. Surely you wouldn’t want to experience days where the insulating barrier between you and the outside cold either starts to work erratically or comes to a stop. Here are 6 tips that will let you know when your heating system is in need of some experienced professional care.

  • Delayed start

One of the first indicators of whether all is well or or not, with your heating system, is its start-up time. If it starts up quick, great. If you notice a delay or lag however, it’s  sign that you need to call up your nearest HVAC company in Philadelphia.

  • Check for unusual noises

When your heating system is in good working condition, you will not hear anything other than its usual sound. However, if you hear any additional jarring sounds, there may be an issue in the pipes or radiator.

  •  Check for uneven heat zones

Walk around your home to check if the temperature is uniform across all the spaces. If you don’t find cold spots or areas where you feel less or unevenly warm, you have no reason to be looking up oil heater service companies.

  • Unscheduled shut-offs

Notice whether your furnace shuts off at times when it should be working. These untimely shut-offs could mean residues, leaks or even electric issues and it would make sense to contact companies that list, when you type HVAC Havertown PA in your mobile browser.

  • Look at your energy bills

If your energy bill seems off the usual range when there is no change in your energy usage pattern, then it means your heating system is having to work harder than it needs to. It would be advisable to have an oil heater service company check your HVAC without delay, to keep the issue from escalating into a more serious problem.

  • Constant furnace operation

A furnace that shuts off irregularly is a sign of trouble and so is a furnace that’s constantly in operation. This means your furnace is having trouble maintaining the temperature that you’ve set. This is another sign you need to call up a HVAC maintenance services company.


Use these tips to check on your heating or HVAC system periodically to know whether it’s working efficiently or needs a little attention from the pros. We’re Boyle Energy by the way, a reputed HVAC, propane and oil delivery company that has been serving Havertown and surrounding areas since 1937. Contact us at 610 595 4717 or 215 709 9196 and our technicians will drop by promptly to check your HVAC system and keep your home’s heating from going cold.