Carbon Monoxide is a colorless odorless gas that is produced when burning fuel. It can be found in cars, trucks, stoves fireplaces, grills and furnaces.  CO detectors are just as important to have in your home as smoke detectors.

Boyle Energy understands the importance of these life saving detectors and installs First Alert Plug-In alarms with battery backup. The alarm easily plugs into any standard outlet and the battery backup ensures that the alarm will function even during power outages.  It is important to install these according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for each unit. The manufacturers test each unit and know the best place to install it. CO is slightly less dense than air but it is usually mixed with warm air from the heating source so it will rise. It is also important to install these near bedrooms, garages and at least 15 feet away from a fuel burning source.

In addition to a CO detector you should have your heating equipment checked each year by a certified professional. Have your chimney cleaned; make sure your gas appliances are vented correctly. Call us if you would like us to install a detector in your house.