In July of 2020 Boyle Energy expanded our Propane bulk plant in London Grove. Many of our customers, friends or even travelers of 841 knew that we already had a bulk plant at this location for a few years now.  Though some still thought Boyle Energy was just oil, and we are NOT! Our friends at Hiltz Propane helped us set up our plant with another 30,000 gallon propane tank this past summer and we couldn’t be happier.

We know that not everyone heats their home the same way and that was very important to Patrick Boyle. In Havertown and around the Mainline where our primary location is, a lot of the houses are heated with oil or gas. Gas lines might not be in all neighborhoods, but more and more customers and getting gas to their homes. But what about the more rural areas that do not have gas service? These areas rely more on Propane and Electric heat. Propane is a great heating source because it is generally more affordable than other sources of heat, it burns cleaner and it is very reliable. Boyle Energy can install a tank of almost any size at your property and start filling it right away. If the home you are in already has a tank and you own it we can fill it too. Best part is, propane can power almost anything in your house. Water heating, cook tops, washers and dryers, grill, pool you name it and propane can help. Call Boyle Energy today to get more information on this awesome energy source.