That’s right, Boyle Energy is looking for the ugliest heater out there. The Boyle Energy team will reward someone with a $5000 credit towards a new heater. This will be awarded to the person or family with the ugliest heater we can find; which is voted on by the public on our Facebook page. We will post the five ugliest heaters on our page and the public will vote on them. So Like us on Facebook to make sure you are in the “know”
How to Enter:
  • Click on the link  below to complete the entry form
  • Complete the form on the page – add details as needed
  • Schedule a time for our Comfort Associates to take pictures and provide a free no obligation estimate
  • Cross your fingers and hope you get selected as a finalist
  • Estimates must be completed by 1/31/2020 and voting to begin on 2/5/2020
As a finalist, encourage people to vote for your entry!
Exclusions apply
Asbestos removal
Chimney liners
Access restraints