When it comes to your home’s heating requirement, you’re going to have to go with either a boiler or a furnace. But then, what’s the English behind the jargony? And more importantly, which would make a better choice for your home? At Boyle Energy, we understand the difficulty our customers face when it comes to making tough choices. Here’s a listing of the differences between a boiler and a furnace that we believe will help you understand which of these two options would work best for you.

What’s a Boiler?
As the name implies, a boiler is a tank where water is boiled and the steam generated by this process is then used to transfer heat across the spaces of a home through pipes and air ducts. Most Boilers run on natural gas, electricity or oil but boilers that work on alternative fuels including wood, corn pellets and other renewable energy sources are also available.

What’s a Furnace?
A furnace is a forced air heating system that heats a home through the circulation of hot air via a system of ducts and vents. Furnaces can be fueled by natural gas, electricity and propane.

Boiler – Advantages
1. More energy-efficient as they use less fuel

2. Quieter in operation and produce more consistent heat

3. Offers better indoor quality air as there’s less dust in the ducts

4. Also plays the role of a water heater since a boiler runs on water

5. Can run for longer periods without maintenance

 Boiler – Disadvantages
1. Less customizable than furnaces

2. More time consuming and expensive to install 

3. Doesn’t respond quickly to thermostat changes

4. Risk of leaks

 Furnaces – Advantages
1. Customizable to any fuel type and home

2. Generates heat faster

3. More affordable to install

4. Less risk of leaks and no risk of frozen pipes

 Furnaces – Disadvantages
1. Noisy in operation

2. Inconsistent level of heat

3. Impacts indoor air quality if the air filters are not replaced

4. Needs frequent repairs

Furnaces and Boilers are heat generating systems that come with their own pros and cons. Knowing about their differences will surely help you arrive at the choice that works best for your home. If you need to know more about gas boilers for home heating, residential oil hot water boilers, oil furnace service or high efficiency oil boilers, all you need to do is speak to us at Boyle Energy. With over a million oil deliveries, more than 500,000 service calls and tens of thousands of heating & cooling system installations since 1937, we’re a family-run business you can count on for reliable, honest and expert advice as well as service.