propane as primary fuel for home heating

If you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home or power your appliances in Chester County, Philadelphia, you may want to consider switching to propane. Generated as a by-product of the natural gas processing as well as crude oil refining processes, Propane or Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), is a popular fuel source across homes and commercial establishments in the US. Here are five benefits of switching to one of America’s most preferred primary fuels, for your home or business. 

1.Propane is environmentally friendly

In a world that’s getting increasingly conscious about environmental impact, propane makes for a sensible fuel choice. This is because, when compared to other fuels like coal or oil, propane emits fewer greenhouse gasses and air pollutants. According to the Propane Education & Research Council, propane produces 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than coal and 12% fewer than oil. Talking to propane gas companies and switching to propane will enable you to take a significant step in the direction of reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment.

2.Propane is cost-effective

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your fuel expenses, look no further than propane. In fact, one of the primary reasons why people switch to propane is that it is more cost-effective than other fuels like heating oil. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, propane prices have historically been lower than heating oil prices. Propane also has a higher energy content than heating oil which means that it can provide more heat per unit of fuel. This makes it an efficient and cost-effective option for heating your home or powering your appliances.

3. Propane is versatile

When it comes to Propane, it’s clearly a case of ‘One fuel powers them all!’ You can use Propane for heating, cooking and powering appliances like generators and water heaters. You can also use it as a fuel for vehicles and agricultural equipment. This versatility makes propane a convenient and reliable fuel source for homeowners and businesses alike. Contact propane gas companies in your area to know more about how you can extract the maximum value out of this fuel.

4. Propane is safe

Propane is a relatively safe energy source if you follow the necessary protocols of handling and storing it. Additionally, propane suppliers and dealers incorporate safety features, standards and regulations to ensure everything from propane tank delivery and installation to propane gas delivery to your property is done in a safe and reliable way. One of the best safety features you can rely on is the unique smell of propane gas – chemically imparted to the otherwise odorless gas, to help you detect leaks well in advance.

5. Propane is easy to access

Propane is plentiful in supply since a majority of the propane used in the US is produced right here. So, if you’re thinking about propane supply, all you need to do is contact the propane dealers of Chester County. Be it about propane tank delivery in Philadelphia or propane gas delivery, you will find ample propane delivery services that will deliver your requirements to your home. Rest assured, with its easy availability you will find it extremely convenient to switch from your existing fuel source to propane.

If you are interested in switching to Propane, contact Boyle Energy 

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