heating oil price in Philadelphia, PA

It is when winter sets in and the temperatures start to drop that we recognize the value of a cozy, warm home. If you’re one of the many Philadelphians who rely on heating oil to keep the chill at bay, you might be wondering how much it costs to heat your house in the City of Brotherly Love.

Let’s go into the specifics of heating oil pricing in Philadelphia and surrounding places like Delaware County.

Factors affecting heating oil prices 

1. Prices are seasonal

Heating oil prices generally tend to rise from November to March, when the demand for heating oil is at its peak due to colder temperatures. Conversely, prices tend to decline from April to October, as the demand for heating oil decreases during the warmer months. 

2. The impact of crude oil prices

Heating oil is derived from crude oil and therefore, the price you pay for your heating resource is closely tied to fluctuations in the global crude oil market. rising crude oil prices lead to higher heating oil prices. Likewise, when crude oil prices fall it causes a drop in heating oil prices. 

3. Local market fluctuations

Competition among local suppliers also determines how much you pay for your heating oil. In regions with a greater number of heating oil providers, you’ll  tend to gain from the competitive prices. However, in areas with limited suppliers, you’ll find the prices to be comparatively higher. 

4. The cost of transportation

Transporting crude oil from extraction sites to refineries and then delivering the resultant heating oil from refineries to consumers, can significantly impact the price of heating oil. Disruptions in transportation infrastructure or conditions generally contribute to supply chain challenges which hike up heating oil prices.

What’s the average price tag in Philly?

The heating oil price in Philadelphia, PA, can vary depending on a number of factors. As per one source, the price for procuring 150 gallons of heating oil can vary from around $550.00 to $630 and above. This would mean a per gallon price ranging from $3.60 to  $4.20 and upwards. 

Boyle Energy: Your reliable oil delivery companion

In a sea of options, Boyle Energy stands out as a reliable oil delivery company in Pennsylvania. We’ve been keeping homes warm with a focus on client satisfaction and cheap prices since our establishment in 1937. If you’re looking for heating oil delivery for your home this winter, we offer you two modes of delivery: Automatic and Will-Call delivery. Our Will-Call oil price is $4.39 per gallon and our automatic delivery is $4.29 per gallon (valid on an order of min. 150 gallons). Give us a call at (610) 347-5197 if you’d like to know more about how we can make stocking up on heating oil more affordable for you, this cold season.