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Stop! Before you get the Window Units Out!

Most people think that adding air conditioning to a house that does not already have it is a HUGE expense! In some cases it is, don’t get us wrong. If your house is heated with a boiler and has radiators or is an older house, chances are you do not have any existing duct work […]

Bulk Plant Expansion

In July of 2020 Boyle Energy expanded our Propane bulk plant in London Grove. Many of our customers, friends or even travelers of 841 knew that we already had a bulk plant at this location for a few years now.  Though some still thought Boyle Energy was just oil, and we are NOT! Our friends […]

Furnace vs Boiler

So, you just moved into your first home and its your first cold night. You go to switch the heat on and it doesn’t work. You call Boyle Energy and the voice on the other end of the phone asks if you have a boiler or furnace and you are stumped. Don’t be ashamed if […]

How the furnace was born

Alice H. Parker is an African American inventor known for her contribution to the heating furnace. She invented a furnace that supplied central heating for entire homes and buildings.  In the early years of the 20th century, natural gas was used for industrial heating but no one at the time considered using it as a […]

The Advantages of Replacing your Furnace and AC Together

Now that fall is here it maybe time to start thinking about replacing your heater before it gets too cold.  You may think it’s better to simply replace the system that is giving you problems.  What many people don’t realize though is that replacing both systems at once can actually save you both money and […]


Right now is a great time to upgrade your system. Replacing an older system with a new high efficiency system can save you money in energy costs. High efficiency air conditioners and heating systems consume less energy than lower efficiency models, so you won’t pay as much for your monthly energy bills. High efficiency models […]

4 Tips to Get Ready for the Warmer Weather

Tune up your Air Conditioning System Schedule your annual tune up by a trained Boyle Energy technician to ensure that your equipment will run at peak performance when you need it most. PECO is offering a $25 rebate if you have this completed. Upgrade your equipment Do you know how old your Air Conditioning system […]

Your Chimney and your Safety

From the outside your chimney may look just fine, but inside there could be a different story Most homeowners do not really think about their chimneys and the safety issues and trouble they can cause. Your chimney is exposed to the elements and over time condensation can migrate through the chimney and overtime weaken and […]

The HVAC Zoning Issue

Does your home have uncomfortable rooms? For example the upstairs rooms might be too hot when the downstairs is too chilly. Your heating and cooling systems are the #1 use of energy consumption in your home, why not help them work smarter. Zoning is the controlled delivery of heating and cooling to different areas of […]