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You are profoundly misled if you believe you are safe from pollution when within your own home. Indoor spaces are typically 2-5 times as contaminated as the outside air, and occasionally up to 100 times as polluted, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental threats to our world, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

 A lot can be done to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) at home. If you have a forced-air system in your house, you can enhance the quality of the air you breathe by making a variety of changes to your existing HVAC system. One such inclusion is the air scrubber for HVAC system. If you’re curious about air scrubbers for your home, you’ve come to the right spot.

best residential air scrubber

– Air Scrubber

An air scrubber is an air purifying system that filters particulate matter from the air by either using moisture, cooling or filtering the airstream as it enters the scrubber. There are two types of air scrubbers : Wet and Dry, distinguished by the technique of particle removal that they employ. An air scrubber’s primary function is to purify the air that has been contaminated by harmful fumes, chemicals, gasses and pollutants and make it breathable again.

– The Working

Air scrubbers take in air from your home and filter it via a series of filters. Unlike filters, which only capture hazardous microorganisms, these systems include PCO photocatalytic purifiers that destroy them.  But it doesn’t end there. Ionized oxidizers are also released by air scrubbers that circulate throughout your home. These oxidizers are negatively charged, which means they attract positive ions such as smell, smoke, and other substances. 

– Benefits Of Air Scrubbers 

1. Power

Air scrubbers are 50 times more potent than HVAC systems at eliminating and controlling airborne pollutants and pathogens, according to manufacturer statistics. The air cleaning and filtering system of an air scrubber eliminates 90% of pollutants and impurities in the first half hour of operation.

2. Natural Air Purification

An air scrubber is a natural and environmentally friendly way to clean the air. Air scrubbers recondition the air by naturally and safely eliminating contaminants.

3. Oxidizers Dissemination

When an air scrubber cleans the air, oxidizers are released into the atmosphere, which help to eliminate pathogens on surfaces and in the air. Though not often a specified feature of an air scrubber, it is a benefit that improves and cleans the atmosphere while also preventing dust accumulation.

4. Dust mites

Many people feel they are allergic to dust. In reality, they are allergic to dust mites, which are live critters found in dust. An air scrubber kills dust mites and removes them from the air. Every type of air scrubber is capable of entirely eliminating all dust mite pollution.


The quality of our indoor air becomes increasingly crucial to our health and well-being when the temperatures decrease or increase, and we spend more time indoors. Therefore, if you’re looking to get an air scrubber for residential purposes, it’s always advisable to consult a professional HVAC service provider for installing an air scrubber for the AC unit at your home. We recommend you to call us up at Boyle Energy immediately for reliable expertise on air scrubber maintenance and many other services.