AC tune up service by Boyle Energy

Getting your annual AC tune-up may appear to be something you can put off, especially if you are in a busy season of life. But now, it’s that time of the year to beat the heat, enjoy some yummy popsicles, plan a vacation, and hit the waves at the beach with your sunnies on! What if your air conditioner broke down while you wanted to watch a movie while staying indoors? It could be leaving you with little choice but to bear the searing temperatures? 

By having an air conditioner tune-up performed at least once a year, it’s assured that your system is clean and ready for the hot and humid summers. Here’s a write-up to give you a brief about tune-ups and the benefits it brings along.

Air Conditioner Tune Up Near Me


A  tune-up involves looking at both the interior and outdoor components of your AC unit, such as the motors and belts. The HVAC specialist  looks  for any kind of unhygienic or faulty electrical connections, leaks, or damaged safety measures.


They replace the air filter which could either be made of fiberglass, polyester, HEPA, or UV  in order to prevent dust from entering your unit or home. They will also ensure that proper refrigerant levels are present and that the thermostat is functioning properly. The technician will next measure the coolant levels and add more if necessary. Finally, they will inspect the air ducts for any obstructions and, if any are discovered, clean them. 


The Benefits of Tune-Ups

1. Enhanced Energy and reduction in power consumption

Regular tune-ups will guarantee that your unit is operating at peak efficiency, utilizing the least amount of energy possible to cool your home. When your unit is in good working order, it uses the least amount of energy to cool your house, which means you’ll likely experience a reduction in your energy costs.

2. Cooling Across the Board

A well-maintained air conditioner should uniformly chill your house. Regular tune-ups will guarantee that no portions of your home are abruptly or uncomfortably hotter or cooler than others.

3. Prevents Significant Damage

You can minimize severe problems by having an HVAC professional check for even the slightest damage on a regular basis. Regular tune-ups will not only prevent you from an AC breakdown, but they will also help you save money on future maintenance.


Simply put together, regular Air Conditioning tune-ups extend the life of your unit because you’ll be able to discover problems at an early stage and get them corrected swiftly. A well-maintained air conditioner can last up to 15 years and that would make it a pocket friendly investment. If you’re looking for a reliable expert AC tune – up service, contact Boyle Energy as soon as possible! As a HVAC tune up business in West Grove, Haverford, Delaware County and surrounding areas, we make sure that our services are reasonable, and we are more than delighted to work towards making it easy for you to have a beautiful summer experience!