air conditioning myths

With a change of season right around the corner, it’ll soon be time to turn to the comfort of your cooling system. However, as with your heating system, there are certain things that will impact the efficiency of your cooling unit and therefore the degree of your comfort and the scale of your energy expenses. Here’s a blog with 10 air conditioning myths that are likely to cause you more pain (and expense) than gain. 

Myth 1: Lower Your Thermostat to Cool Faster 

The truth of the matter is, your room will take time to cool down irrespective of how low your thermostat temperature is set. When you turn your thermostat to its lowest setting, your air conditioning system will blow past your ideal temperature and you’ll eventually need to readjust your smart thermostat to find your comfort zone. This increases the load on even the best air conditioner to work efficiently which will increase its energy usage. 

Myth 2: Closing Vents Will Save Energy

On the contrary, closing vents will open up a whole array of problems. It will restrict the airflow which will cause your coils to freeze which in turn, will damage your compressor. Another possibility is leaks or bursts in your ductwork. Closed vents will also force your system to work harder to  distribute the air. Lastly, closing of vents can cause your heat exchanger to crack and release carbon monoxide into your home environment. Each of these issues will cost you in repairs. 

Myth 3: You Can Place Your Thermostat Anywhere 

Your thermostat will get its reading of your home’s average temperature right only when it’s placed away from heating or cooling sources. Keep it next to a hot source and the higher reading will make you turn down your thermostat more than necessary. Keep it next to a cold source and you’ll do the opposite. Both scenarios will lead to your home air conditioning unit working harder and consuming more energy than required. 

Myth 4: Bigger Units Will Cool the Room Faster

If you choose an air conditioning system that’s larger in capacity than your requirement, the compressor will end up working in short bursts. This will lead to higher energy usage as well as a wearing down of the compressor. The frequent starts and stops will also bring back the heat and humidity into your spaces. 

Myth 5: Turning Off the AC Will Save Money

Let’s say you turn off your hvac air conditioning system when heading to work. The heat outside will raise the temperature within your home and your cooling unit will have to work that much harder when you switch it back on later in the day. But if you were to turn up your thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees instead of switching it off completely on your way out, your home will maintain a cooler temperature until you return, making it easier to achieve the temperature you need. 

Myth 6: Air Filters Will Last a Year Without Change 

Take this myth seriously and not only will you be putting your family’s health at risk, you will also see a spike in your monthly energy bills. Air filters that are not cleaned as per the manufacturer’s recommendations will get clogged with dust, dirt and mold. This will impede the air flow which will make your home air conditioning unit work harder and also compromise the quality of the air you breathe indoors. 

Myth 7: Fans Keep a Room Cooler

There are those who believe running fans in conjunction with their air conditioning system will cool their rooms faster. This is not true. Fans do not cool spaces, the circulated air makes people feel cooler without impacting the temperature of the room. This means, operating fans when your cooling system is already on the job will only lead to additional usage of energy. 

Myth 8: Replace The Old AC Only When it Fails 

Most people tend to use their air conditioning system past its expected life span because of the significant new AC cost. But it’s an investment that will pay off in more ways than you imagine. Advanced models will come with higher SEER ratings which means these units will use less energy to operate than your older model. Also, replacing your old AC unit at the right time will save you from spending hundreds of dollars in repairs and maintenance by HVAC companies on a product that won’t be getting any newer. 

Myth 9: AC Units Need Maintenance Only in Summertime

Like all equipment, air conditioning units are susceptible to wearing out over time, developing faults or needing replacements. These incidents are not seasonal but could happen at any point in time. What if your AC unit develops an issue months before heat season? In such a scenario, what might begin as a minor issue could develop into a bigger problem that may also end up impacting the performance of other components, leading to a drop in efficiency and a rise in your energy and repair bills. 

Myth 10: The Lowest Temperature is the Most Efficient

This myth works when shown the mirror, that is when it’s turned the other way around. For every degree that you increase, you are likely to experience savings in your energy expenses. Speak to your local heating and air conditioning company to know the optimal temperature setting that will help you maintain the cool while keeping your energy bills at their minimum. 

We hope these 10 tips will help you get optimal performance out of your cooling unit while reducing your energy consumption and cost. If you need to consult an expert about air conditioning tips, air conditioner prices or the installation / maintenance of a home air conditioning unit, we’d love to help. We’re Boyle Energy – a family owned business that has been serving communities in and around Philadelphia with excellence and integrity since 1937. Contact us or call directly at 610 595 4717 or 215 709 9196 for experts who’ll love to provide answers to your questions or services for your unique needs.