Propane for home heating

Every year, hurricanes leave behind a trail of damage and destruction. Now, while there may not be much that you can do to keep the fury of nature from raging down your path, there are a few things you can do to minimize damage and stay safe during hurricane season. And because we’re a company that’s founded on the philosophy of care, we’d like to share some tips that we believe will help you stay safe during hurricane season.


Secure your tanks

The last thing you want a hurricane to do is to dislodge and toss around a loaded propane tank on your property. Make it a point to secure your tank to withstand the toughest of storms.


Leave clear instructions:

Imagine a hurricane emergency and no one in your family or business knowing what to do to keep everyone safe! If you’re the one with the operating knowledge on your premises, post a to-do list covering instructions on how to turn off the propane supply before a hurricane. Also share contact details of your propane retailer and service technician for your family or employees to take quick remedial steps.


Stock up on supply:

It’s better to be stocked up than to run empty on fuel during storm season. Stock up enough propane to cover the needs of your family or business in the event of a propane supply hit.


Turn off the main

A hurricane will not give you any time for basic safety procedures. So, the moment you get hurricane news, turn off the main gas supply valve. Also turn off the supply valves to your propane appliances to eliminate any possibility of propane combustion.


Look out for damaged lines

It’s always a relief to get back to your property after a hurricane evacuation. However, don’t let your relief get the better of your caution. Be sure to check for downed power lines and damaged gas lines and tanks to avoid potential mishaps.  


Do not use wet appliances:

It’s possible that a storm could lead to your propane appliances getting dampened or submerged underwater. In such a scenario, stay away from such appliances until the situation has been brought back to normal.


Do not use outdoor appliances inside

Some things are better left outdoors. Do not attempt to run your BBQ grill or generator indoors in the event of a storm, as this would expose you to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Get a certified Ok-to-Use

It’s human instinct to pick up from where you left off, immediately after a threat has passed. We’d advise a bit of caution before you resume life after a storm. Have a complete propane system inspection done and wait for expert approval before getting back to using your propane tanks and appliances.

If you still have any further questions about Propane safety during or after a hurricane or would like to know more about propane for home heating or propane delivery in or around Main line, please feel free to speak with us. After all, we’ve been earning the trust of our customers with our propane, oil, and HVAC services since 1937, and we would be simply delighted at the slightest opportunity to be of assistance to you.