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There are two types of homes in America. The first, homes that have discovered the advantage of choosing propane as their go-to fuel source for heating and other needs. The second, homes that are yet to make this discovery. If you happen to be in the first category of homes, we are one of the finest propane companies in pa and can help you with propane gas delivery or propane tank delivery in Philadelphia. If you are in the second category, here’s a blog with 7 great ways how propane can help you not only run your home smoothly but also make significant savings along the way.

 #1  Use home heating with breaks 

According to statistics, heating a home accounts for around 60% of its energy consumption. Converting your home’s heating system from its present fuel source like oil or electricity to propane will lead to a reduction in your energy bills coming down and here’s why. Compared to other fuels, propane gas generates more intense heat which can warm your home a lot quicker than other fuels. This ability of propane will work to your advantage in the winter months where you can turn on the heating system for short periods and then turn it off, thereby significantly reducing your energy requirements.

 #2  Get hot water with cool savings 

After a home’s central heating, water heaters are the next big source of energy usage and account for roughly 20% of the energy bill. This is another area where switching from conventional heating systems to a propane-based system will help you save precious dollars from being channeled towards energy expenses. Besides, you also get extra life on your equipment; propane water heaters last around 10 years longer than electric water heaters.

#3  Cook meals faster 

You’ll start enjoying your meals a lot better with ovens and cooktops that are fueled by propane. There are two reasons for this. One, propane generates intense heat which will shorten your cooking time as compared to electric stoves. Two, propane’s lower cost will inadvertently bring down your energy expenses. Actually, there’s a third reason too. Your kitchen can depend on propane all through the year unlike electric power, which is likely to go off the grid due to a number of reasons.

#4  Wash and dry your clothes quicker 

Propane is a great choice if you want to save both time and money while doing the most routine of household chores – cleaning and drying clothes. Propane powered dryers have capacities (ranging from 18,000 to 30,000 Btu/hour) that are significantly higher than electric appliances (max capacity equals low end of propane appliances) and therefore, take less time to dry your laundry.

#5  Save on power back-ups 

According to US statistics, your home will go without power at least 5 times a year. The exact number and duration of these phases will depend on where you live and the severity of the issue. A home with propane-powered appliances will save you the cost of installing and maintaining power back-ups like generators to run your home’s necessities.

#6  Reduce the load on your central heating 

You can continue using an electric or gas based system to heat your home and still save money by using propane as a supplementary source of heat. How this works is, the supplemental propane heaters will reduce the load of your central heating system thereby allowing you to set your thermostat at lower levels. This, in turn, will bring down your consumption of energy and reduce your expenses.

#7  Gain home tax credit

Switching to energy and environment saving systems comes with rewards that go beyond savings in the monthly energy bill. Using propane or propane-based systems may also qualify you for tax credit options.


Propane is becoming a popular choice for homes across America with each passing year. Now that you know 7 great reasons why, maybe it’s time you gave a thought to making this eco-friendly fuel a part of your daily home routine. If you’re looking for propane gas delivery, propane companies in pa or even propane tank delivery in Philadelphia, we’re always there to help. We’re Boyle Energy, a family business that has been serving our community with the highest standards of honesty and excellence since 1937. We look forward to the opportunity to help you with your propane needs in  the most efficient, timely and affordable way possible. Contact us today!