heating oil companies in Delaware County PA

Your home is the world’s most comforting  place to be in. No matter which space you choose to settle in, once here, you’re at your best in every conceivable way. Your heating system has a significant role to play in making your home your favorite place. At Boyle Energy, we’re all too familiar with every kind of problem that impacts the utility and efficiency of heating systems. Here’s a compile of 7 common signs that’ll tell you it’s time to get your heating system a professional check-up.

Sign 1: Surprising Bills
A rise in wealth is always a welcome sign. However, not everything that rises is a good sign. Your energy bill, for instance. Any sudden rise here, when your usage or consumption pattern is pretty much unchanged, is a sign that your heating system isn’t as efficient as it once was.


Sign 2: What’s that Smell?
Your olfactory sense is another great way to detect a problem with your heating system. If your nose picks weird smells that make your living spaces unpleasant to be in and that too, within moments of turning on your heating system, it’s a sign. 


Sign 3: Weird Noises
If you hear strange sounds when the world around is silent, don’t jump to the obvious conclusion. Rather than a case of paranormal activity, it’s most likely (99.99%) a case of inefficient productivity. Schedule a service visit because before the noises you hear turn into a nightmare you’ll have to spend heavily on.


Sign 4: Uneven comfort across spaces
Does one part of your home feel like the Arctic while another feels like the Sahara? Uneven temperature zones around your home indicate your heating system is operating inefficiently and needs an urgent check.


Sign 5: Full power and less heat
Imagine pushing down on the accelerator and yet, being unable to get your vehicle to go faster. It’s not too different when you keep turning up the thermostat and still find yourself wanting more heat in your immediate surroundings. Another indication that your heating system either needs care or a replacement.


Sign 6: Unexplained health issues 
You’re following a daily regimen of eating right, sleeping well and staying healthy. And yet, you have started to experience issues like nausea, dizziness, headaches or even fatigue. Before you rush to a hospital to run a series of checks, first get your local technician to run a check on your heating system for a carbon monoxide leak. Unlike other problems like sounds or smells, a leak should be fixed immediately to prevent any further risk to your health and that of your family.


Sign 7: Constantly running compressor
Working overtime may bring forth extra gains if you’re running a business. But not when you’re running your heating system. If you hear your compressor at work for longer periods than you should, schedule a service visit before the internal problem seriously damages your compressor.


Your heating system is a vital element of your home that enables an environment of comfort and well-being for you and your family. Which is why it’s necessary to detect and remedy problems as early as possible, before they turn into serious issues that’ll not just disable your heating system but also cost you more to resolve. We hope the facts listed here will help you in staying better tuned to the usual problems associated with a heating system. If you’re looking for heating oil companies in Delaware County pa, propane for home heating, gas boilers for home heating or even a dual heating and cooling blanket, look no further than Boyle Energy. We’re a family business that’s been serving Havertown and the surrounding suburbs with honest, professional and reliable service since 1937. Give us a call and we’ll help you restore your heating system to good working  order or even assist you with installing a new one.