HVAC system

Doing things ahead of time is an advantageous trait. Completing those office reports earlier means you won’t have to make a dash for it when the deadline looms near. Fuelling up your automobile before your gas tank hits low or empty will save you from the stress of hunting for a gas station, when you may actually be in a rush to get someplace. Another example, and a more relevant  one considering the fast approaching winter season, would be scheduling a pre-winter maintenance check of your heating system. At Boyle Energy, we have always believed in following best practices without the slightest delays while serving tens of thousands of customers since our inception in 1937. Keeping with this long standing and unshakeable tradition, we bring you a quick read on why it makes sense for you to get your heating system checked by an expert now rather than later.

 Reason #1: Fix issues before they lead to discomfort
A preventative maintenance check gives you the opportunity to check your heating system’s overall efficiency and individual parts, before they get put to the harsh test of winter. This will enable you to fix any issues before they go on to become serious problems at a time when you and your family should be staying warm.

Reason #2: Off season repairs will save you money
It’s a classic rule of the markets. Source when the demand is low and virtually everything comes to you at a discount. Another good reason to get the check-up and tune-up of your heating system done while winter is still en route. You could end  up saving a good deal in case your heating system needs replacement of any significant parts.

 Reason #3: Spot a fire before it even happens
Your heating system is not something that you notice regularly. So, it’s easy to miss the build-up of debris or clutter near your furnace area that may prove to be a potential fire hazard later on. A timely maintenance check will involve a comprehensive check-up of your furnace that will cover this easily missed detail.

 Reason #4: Ensure a longer life for your furnace
A small clog in an artery makes the heart work harder. A closed vent has a similar effect on your furnace, and this will not only affect the efficiency but also its lifespan. Something a timely maintenance check can help you avoid.

 Reason #5: Prevent toxic leaks into your home
Heating systems use combustible fuels to perform their function of heating a home. This process results in the creation of gases like carbon monoxide that may just get released indoors instead of outdoors, when your heating system either has cracks or isn’t functioning properly. A preventive check will help you eliminate the possibility of such hazardous events and safeguard the health of your family.

Reason #6: Ensure dirty air doesn’t blow in
Accumulation of dust and debris in your heating system’s ducts and vents will impact the quality of the air you breathe within your home. A thorough vacuuming by a professional maintenance expert will ensure you get nothing undesirable in the warm air that blows into your home all through winter. 

 Reason #7: Some repairs are easier on sunny days
Heavy snowfall can freeze life in its tracks on the most unexpected of days. Imagine  your heating system developing a snag on a day when no one can venture out, let alone reach your heating system and unclog its vents or carry out other necessary repairs.

 We hope the 7 reasons listed here will help you understand why a pre-winter heating system check in the month of September makes great sense. If you need any more information on maintaining an HVAC system or would like to enquire about our off-season maintenance services for HVAC systems, do feel free to speak to us. We’re an HVAC company in Havertown with over 80 years of experience in helping families stay warm and comfortable through the toughest of winters. You can count on us to ensure your heating system is primed to perform at its peak this winter.