installing air conditioning system

Air conditioners are generally thought of as simple appliances that condition (i.e., cool) the air around us. However, the effects of air conditioners extend well beyond atmospherics, impacting how we construct buildings, where we live in the nation, and how we spend our time. Air conditioners are modern-day life’s enablers. 

People employed several tactics to remain cool in the heat before air conditioning, in a bygone and less comfortable age. Houses were designed with larger windows and higher ceilings to allow better ventilation. The dogtrot house, which was historically common in the Southern states, had two smaller cabins—one for cooking and the other for a living—joined under one roof by an open-air corridor. In addition, many homes included porches where families could rest on a hot day, as well as sleeping porches with beds where they could sleep on a hot night.

But clearly, that’s not the case now. Air conditioners are modern-day life’s enablers. We at Boyle Energy will help keep it cool for you! Did you know that Air Conditioners weren’t invented for their cooling purpose? Isn’t this a technical irony?

Here are some interesting facts about Air Conditioners. 

Fact 1: Ice Was The OG!
People used to keep cool with large blocks of ice before there were air conditioners to make things pleasant and comfy. In reality, the early air conditioners’ output ratings were based on how much ice would have been required to produce the same cooling power!

Fact 2: Herbert Hoover was the first president to enjoy the pleasure of air conditioning 
Imagine being in command of a country in the midst of a scorching summer in Washington, D.C. Hoover, for one, couldn’t do it! He put $30,000 into an AC system not long after the stock market crash of 1929.

Fact 3: The Summer Blockbuster 
Blockbuster films were released in the summer to entice people to come to see them because movie theatres were among the first public venues to install air conditioning. As a result, the phrase “summer blockbuster” was coined

Fact 4: Modern medicine can be credited to your air conditioner
Many of the medicines we use today were created in laboratories with temperature-sensitive equipment and tools. In other words, we wouldn’t have medicine to treat everything from the common cold to cancer therapies if it weren’t for our cooling systems. 

Fact 5: A.Cs in cars
Packard was the first automobile manufacturer to feature air conditioning in its vehicles.

Fact 6: The First Building
In 1903, the New York Stock Exchange Building in New York City was one of the first buildings in the world to employ air conditioning.

Fact 7: The Father Of Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning
The ‘Father of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning’ John Gorrie, is credited with the invention of refrigeration and air conditioning. As a Florida doctor, he created an ice-making machine in 1842 to freeze the air for his patients. He was granted a patent for a machine that could be used in homes and buildings, but he died before it could be manufactured.

The process of installing an Air Conditioner is difficult. The fact that many HVAC businesses and air conditioner installers are unaware of all the processes that should be included in a good installation is even more concerning. Are you looking for a reliable HVAC installation company in and around Havertown?

We at Boyle Energy, take pride in our installation process and hold our personnel to high standards to ensure your system’s performance. Tune-ups to service plans, Something for every homeowner!