HVAC air-conditioning system

With temperatures rising gradually around the world, the aircon is without doubt your home’s most heavily used system. From keeping you and your family insulated from the heat to keeping your gadgets, furniture and fixtures at ideal environmental conditions, your air-conditioning system has plenty of responsibilities to handle every day. But like humans, machines too are vulnerable to the strain of work overloads and can end up with ‘off’ days when either their efficiency gets lowered or their performance comes to a standstill. Oh, there’s also the possibility of higher energy bills when your AC gets strained and works harder than usual. At Boyle Energy, we’d never want to see you in a situation where your AC bails out on you when it’s needed the most. So, here are 5 ways to ensure your AC doesn’t lose its cool and make you feel the heat.

1. Schedule inspections
It’s like an annual health check-up; just that your AC won’t need a trip to the hospital but a visit from a professional HVAC technician. With at least two maintenance inspections a year, your AC will be in prime condition to handle its daily loads.

2. Replace Your Air Filter
This is something you can do by yourself, without having to call your local HVAC guy. Simply check the air filter once every month. This way, you’ll prevent a clogged filter from lowering your aircon’s efficiency and making it work harder.

3. Seal the Air Ducts
Your home’s duct system carries the air from your air-conditioner to each room. Any leaks in this duct system will cause heated air to leak into unheated spaces, which will end up making your aircon work harder. This will also add to your energy bills. Having a professional check and seal your air ducts will eliminate this possibility.

4. Program Your Thermostat
A programmable thermostat allows you to set different temperatures for different times of the day. For instance, you could set a temperature that’s higher by 5 degrees when you’re away from home. This would not only lessen the strain on your aircon, it would also reduce your cooling costs.

5. Reduce the heat in your home
The extra heat in your home is another reason your aircon ends up working harder than necessary. Close the blinds when it’s hot outside. You could also carry out daily activities like cooking, bathing and washing in the evening hours when the temperature drops outside. These simple lifestyle changes will reduce the heat inside your home, making life easier for your air-conditioning system.

We trust you’ll make good use of this information to reduce both your aircon’s strain as well as your energy bills. If you’re looking for a company for the maintenance of your HVAC air-conditioning system or installation of an air-conditioning system or even heating oil delivery in Havertown PA, just give us a call. We’re a family owned business started in 1937, and we’ve built our reputation through installation of tens of thousands of heating and cooling systems across West Philadelphia and surrounding areas. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how we can help you and your family achieve the home comfort you deserve.