HVAC Heating system

Winter is the time for feasts and treats, cheer and celebration. However, the joy and comfort of staying indoors with your family and friends could come at a heavy price, if your home is not prepared to take on the wintry air. Here are 5 ways to ensure you can enjoy the holiday season to the fullest, without your energy bills rising to their highest. Read on.


#1 Plug gaps and openings


Your windows and doors can develop holes, cracks and open spots over a period of time. If left unplugged or unsealed, these gaps will allow the cold air to disrupt the warmth and comfort inside. Use a high-quality caulk or sealant to fill gaps around windows, doors, faucets and vents. Don’t leave out the spots where the siding layers your home’s foundation. Another effective way is to use weatherstripping around the points where the external air is likely to gain a point of entry.


#2 Insulate your attic


Air has a tendency to move from warmer spaces to colder ones. This means the warm air inside your attic will tend to escape to the colder environment outside. This is the primary reason for ice-dam formation. Another issue with warm air leaking out is, it will make your heating system work harder which will spike up your energy usage. Insulating your attic will help keep the air within your home from leaking out. A useful tip. Make sure when insulating your attic, you have a minimum of R-38 insulation – that is, between 10 to 14 inches of insulation.


#3 Change your furnace filters


The air filter of your furnace is likely to accumulate dirt which can end up blocking your ducts. This is likely to create ‘cold spots’ across your home as the flow of warm air will not be even. You can avoid the possibility of uneven circulation of heat by changing your furnace’s filter every two months during the cold season. Look for high-efficiency oil boiler furnace technicians or type heating oil Havertown PA on your phone or computer browser to find local companies who can help you change your furnace filters in a professional way.


#4 Insulate your pipes


Your home’s pipes that pass through unheated spaces may end up getting frozen, while the pipes that pass through heated spaces may have heat radiating outward. Insulate your pipes in both the above mentioned places to get your supply of hot water without having to wait more, or pay more. Some common ways to insulate hot water pipes include using pipe wrap strips or foam pipe sleeves. Local Havertown HVAC companies or businesses with expertise in installing HVAC systems can help you here.


#5 Switch to a programmable thermostat


While it’s important to ensure your home stays comfortably warm through winter, it’s also necessary that you don’t use any more energy than you need to. A programmable thermostat – that can be adjusted as per your family’s schedules, can help you keep the heat on while keeping the energy expense from hitting the roof. You’ll also have the additional advantage of controlling your heater from anywhere. Imagine being able to turn up the heating while you’re on your way home from work or someplace else. If you don’t have one, seek help from any Havertown HVAC company that’s reputed for installing HVAC systems and also maintaining them.


Follow these tips and you’ll be able to get your home better prepared for the winter season. If you need professional guidance or someone who can help make winterizing your home a convenient experience, reach out to us at Boyle Energy. Call 610 595 4717 or 215 709 9196 to get in touch with experts who will tune your oil boiler furnace or HVAC system to work efficiently through the cold season.