propane for home heating

Ask and you will learn something new. Ask and you will also learn which propane supplier to choose and which to avoid. In a world where choices come in plenty, asking the right questions is important if you want to ensure a supply of propane to your household that’s high-quality, reliable, hassle-free and of course, affordable. At Boyle Energy, we have always believed in guiding our community with knowledge that leads to the right decisions and well, the right outcomes. Here’s a quick read to help you know what to ask a propane supplier before hiring one for your home.

 1.Ask for incentives
 A new customer is a great asset for any company and so, all you need to do is look around for a company that goes further than the rest in making you feel comfortable. Some suppliers offer incentives like free propane tanks and installation and may even cover some or all of your termination fees from the old provider to help offset your sign-on costs.

2.Ask for payment plans and not just costs
 Most homeowners think the best way to close a deal with a propane supplier is to settle for a low price per gallon. However, this may backfire as a plan and see you getting served by a low quality propane company. Choose to ask for payment plans that will ensure you quality propane delivery and service while also helping keep your energy bills in control.

 *Even Monthly Payments – This plan will ensure you pay the same amount every month.

*Pre-buy Plans – With this plan, you’ll be able to avoid price hikes by buying propane in advance.

*Automatic Payments – Schedule automatic monthly payments at convenient times of the month.

3.Ask for other services
 Your interaction with a propane supplier need not be restricted to mere delivery and payment. You’ll be surprised to know, there would be companies in your neighbourhood who’ll be willing to offer you services that go beyond conventional propane delivery.

*Emergency Delivery – Get propane delivered in a situation where your tank runs empty and you have no back-up source to power your home’s appliances.

*Gas Line Checks A service that ensures your propane equipment is free of leaks and other issues that would compromise the safety and wellbeing of your home and family.

*Appliance Tune-ups – Service trips from your propane company would help keep your propane equipment in peak condition and help reduce your repair and maintenance expenses.

4.Ask for monitoring of propane usage
 A company that cares for your financial comfort will offer you options like a Propane Tank Monitor – which will tell you just how much propane you use every month and when you schedule your refills or an Automatic Refill Program – which will free you of the worry of scheduling refills.

5.Ask for the terms of switching
 Ending an agreement is where things get a bit unpleasant for homeowners. Look for the following things that will let you know just how smooth or rough things will get when you decide to make a switch.

*Termination Fees – Make sure these fees are not ‘hidden’ and therefore, won’t pop out at you when you end your contract.

*Tank Removal – Some companies may uninstall their tanks but some may let you keep the tank, although you’ll be charged for the propane stored in it.

 We hope this article and its featured pointers will help you choose a propane supplier who ensures you both high quality propane and better savings. If you’re looking for propane for home heating, propane dealers in Chester County, propane dealers near you or propane gas companies with a track record of efficient and cost effective delivery, speak to us at Boyle Energy. We’re a family run company that has been serving communities in Havertown, Newtown Square, Philadelphia and surrounding areas with quality service, reliable expertise and fair prices since 1937. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to welcome you into our wide and growing family of homeowners who believe in the Boyle way of excellence.